Internship India

A little taste of my India adventures working for The Indian Express in the modern city of Bangalore.

Past posts

1.Passage to India

2. First Impressions

3. Mosque Road Food Festival

4. Net-werk

5. Mysore

6. Independence Day, New Delhi and Agra

7. Jaipur to Jaisalmer

8. Jaisalmer to Delhi

9. The Longest 18 Hours of My Life- and Delhi

10. Week 3

11. Week 4: Blink and it’s Gone

12. Week 5

13. Pondicherry

14. The Best Laid Plans

15. Goa

16. Hampi

17. Namaste

4 thoughts on “Internship India

  1. Hey Yasmin,

    im intrigued to know more about the internship. How long can you stay? whats the criteria? and was it helpful? what is the process like?

    I am trying to look at options to change my lifestyle but hence I am a single mum to a child, so don’t know if it is a possible route to take as yet but its definitely something im interested about.


    1. It’s usually open for students and recent grads but there’s no harm in enquiring. The company are called Career Journey International. I think they have ended their partnership with the newspaper I worked for however. definitely check out other schemes. There are plenty out there!

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