What I Was Doing Whilst You Were Breeding – Kristen Newman

Perhaps one of the most thoughtful gifts I’d ever received from when I was dating the dreamy Dr Love, What I was Doing While You Were Breeding by Kristin Newman is the perfect book to escape to far flung corners of the world, away from the like hungry double taps of instagram and constant updates from your recently engaged friends (seriously, how is everyone getting married, I’m still struggling with coming to the terms I can no longer use a young person’s rail card…) 

It’s a modern day Eat Pray Love with much more ‘Loving’ and a lot less ‘praying’ which frankly is the version I’d much rather read RN. 

It’s the ideal book to inspire solo travel, catch up with friends you haven’t connected with in a while, shaking off your self pity and has a happy end to boot.

What can I say, bit of a sucker for a fairy tale still. 

Also based on her actual life, so gives us all a little more hope!

3 more great books to inspire travel include:

  1. Eat Pray Love
  2. Shantaram
  3. The Little Paris Bookshop


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