West Corner NQ – The Northern Quarter, Manchester

Whilst I’ve been making myself scarce at weekends, exploring other cities, indulging in the pastries, pastas and partying hard, the nooks and crannies of Manchester, my home base, is still largely untouched. Ask my for my best spaghetti dish you can find in a back alley of Venice, or a stand out gallete in quaint French-Flemish town, Armentierre and I can pin point you down to a door number, but in Manchester, I’m stumped! Various reasons are to blame; I’ve spent about three weekends in Manchester this year, to the fact I home make my lunches each day (in order to afford the trips, and allow myself to indulge in 1 or 5 pastries whilst away) have stopped my exploration of MCR. Last week though, with a new starter our midst at work, it meant that we could all venture out of the office, for a social welcome lunch and I could put away my tuppaware for a sit down lunch!

Our offices are based in the Northern Quarter, so we head to West Corner NQ, a NY style tiled diner, with sleek booths, exposed brick and green bottles and tiles lining the surfaces. 

Their drinks menu looked innovative and exciting, but we were still on the clock, so we ordered our diet cokes and perused the menu. Still in preparation for my getaway for Mauritius in a couple of weeks, I opted for the Cobb’s salad, but I was not to be disappointed by my virtuous choice. Lauren went for the chicken burrito, a lighter take than the traditional rice and bean wrap and Jade, who I envied the most, ordered a chicken burger. 

Anyone who knows me, knows my love of a chicken burger, so sitting waiting for my salad, the thought of Jade’s choice was literally eating away at me! But boy, was I wrong. The Cobb salad was crisp with romaine lettuce, fresh corn added a sunshine pop of colour, cherry tomatoes, perfectly cooked chicken breast (dry AF chicken breast is the stuff nightmares are made of!), crisped bacon, if you wanted it, and creamy avocado. All of it came drizzled with rich and punchy blue cheese dressing and try as I might, I actually couldn’t finish it! On a Tuesday lunchtime, with the weather clear but ice cold, the West Corner was buzzing with warmth and trendy Northern Quarter types in their round glasses and turned up trousers. 

I need to come back for some cocktails, the menu sounded incredible, but perhaps all in all, I need to stop with the working lunch and go out and see what other treasures my home town might have for me…

GO: for lunch, come back for cocktails

DON’T GO: if your hipster tolerance is low

21 Hilton St, Manchester M1 1JJ


0161 241 7070


4 thoughts on “West Corner NQ – The Northern Quarter, Manchester

  1. This is great; I’m so bored of food in Manchester at the moment and I know it’s largely due to my own laziness when it comes to exploring those hidden nooks!

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