Since last week, I have been trying to notice the little things more and more, and I think it’s really starting to have a positive effect on me. It’s so easy to get into a mind set where you think you’re unlucky cos bad things keep on happening, but trying to see the positive in the negative and crack a smile, even if it’s to laugh at your own luck, gives you such a high – especially for a natural worrier like me. 

Here’s my next 25 little things that make me smile.

26. Hot sauce/condiments – boring salad? Dry AF chicken breast? Tuna chunks in BRINE? don’t worry about it! Drench in Encona Hot Pepper Sauce and you won’t be able to taste anything but the West Indies. Sriracha Mayo artfully drizzled on a chicken salad was one of last weeks wins, but omgee, tartare sauce is so underated?! Dip your chips in it immediately. Mayo > ketchup, 100%, sign this petition to get it stocked in Maccy’s if you believe. Used to be obsessed with sweet chilli sauce, but knocks me sick now since cutting down sugar. Also H8 BBQ sauce. Sorry I know this will be unpopular. 

27. A cold can of Diet Coke – I don’t crave anything often anymore, one of the benefits of giving up sugar I guess, but every now and then, be it their intensive marketing campaigns ingrained in my socialisation, I must leave the office for that ice cold bubbly swallow. Also when hungover, sunglasses and a can of this = essential.

28. Making it to the gym – I have been known to put on my gym kit, be in the gym, sit and scroll on insta at all the fitspo, bargain with myself about going, mentally adding up cals (even though I don’t lead a cal lead diet…) and then leave the gym promising I’ll go tomorrow. So when you go, sweat and feel the burn, for no matter how long or how little time you’re there, it is a genuine win

29. A lit selfie – on your lunch break and get sidetracked by H&M sale on the way to buy Babybels from Tesco? SHIT, and they have 3 for 2 on sale items. brings 6 items to changing rooms. Great cos it’s H&M, nothing fits cos they’re stupid and their sizing makes no sense. Feel momentarily sad as you put on your own clothes, checkin your reflection and tellin’ your best friend, ‘like girl I think ,my ass getting big’ on whatsapp. (yup, totally just referenced Nelly, Hot in Herrre’). But then you notice how good the lighting is and take a selfie and you look amazing. Like, really really good. Apart from, you can’t post it anywhere without looking like a nob, so I basically wrote this one to have an excuse to post it. Thanks for something H&M. 

30. A hot shower – nothing beats one, that’s why I take 2 a day…. Last thing at night, scalding hot to get you all relaxed for bed. I muse in the shower, wash away the dirt of the day, the stress melts out of my muscles and wrinkle and prune before eventually stepping out. In the morning, it’s the perfect warm watery cocoon to escape the reality of work for 15 more minutes. I don’t sleep well without one, and would point blank refuse to go to work having not showered. 

31. Actually moisturising something other than your face – I wear face cream obv, everyday. But my grey knees? My ashy elbows? My cracking hands? Nope. M.Meyzin literally replies to everyone of my instastories telling me to moisturise my hands. His are buttery smooth FYI. When I do though, Aveeno Almond is my go to, absorbs straight away, smells divine and makes me look shiny brown until my next shower, at least. If I have time to let it soak, then Palmers Cocoa Butter please.

32. Duvet Days – not leaving your bed aside from getting snacks, going to the loo or answering the door for delivered sustenance. Showers optional. Being snuggled up and watching TV? Obligatory. These need to happen more, but my weekends of late are so choc-o-block! 

33. Nothing gifts – I think I get this habit from my mum, but buying little gifts for other people for no reason aside from the fact they’d like it is so nice! I use to buy a friend crème eggs all the time, cos he could literally eat 6 at once. When people do it back for me it literally makes my day, and love that when I impulse buy a full size grater for a friend who’s grater is the size of a thumb, I know it’ll make her dinner prep so much easier and she’ll think of me.

35. Getting to the till to buy something you fall in love with and then it’s EVEN CHEAPER than you thought! 

36. Motivational text messages or whatsapp that you wake up to. Also works if you fell asleep mid convo and wake up to a nice good night message 

37. Touch typing and not making one mistake. 

38. Saying ‘Fuck It!’ and wearing a coat cos it completes your outfit and then it doesn’t even rain all day, and you laugh in the face of the weather gods and thanks the outfit deity too! 

39. Paprika flavoured crisps – reminds me of being on holiday

40. Bread baskets at restaurants  – cos bread is bae. Please give me real butter else we can’t be friends 

41. A new outfit you don’t have to pay for – this is the best thing about having shit hot friends with great taste. Rotate outfits, get more wears out of that dress that was a bit pricey, and no repeats for the ‘gram LOL. Fave one of these is in Dam, me rocking Jenni from the Block’s leopard Silk Fred, and her looking peachy in my ASOS ruched masterpiece 

42. The Song You Know every Word To coming on in a club/on the radio/mid workout and miming/screaming every word 

43. Supermarkets – I LOVE supermarkets. I wander wistfully around them when I’m sad, bargain hunt M&S foodhalls, marvel at the rubix cube of products stacked on shelves, revel in the clothing that sometimes gets mistaken for high end high street, travel via the world food aisle and it’s my mum and I’s special place. 

44. People saying you look skinny – I probably shouldn’t say this what with negative body image, mental health issues around the subject, the culture of dieting etc. But it does make me feel good esp post Christmas when it had become normal for me to eat Belgian biscuits and a mince pie chaser for brekky. 

45. Not setting an alarm. 

46. Actually drinking enough water in a day 

47. Reaching 10,000 steps a day. – lol when you have a duvet day and step count is 86 

48. Thinking exactly the same thing as some one else at the same time – makes me kinda feel like I’m on the Truman Show but, also reaffirms why I hang out with these guys 

49. Extra hot lattes – is it just me that thinks when you get a barista coffee, they make it lukewarm? You see, it’s all a conspiracy, so you drink it fast and then order another one, RIGHT?!!! Maybe. Anyway, I hate lukewarm drinks and people sipping warm tea makes me gip, so when a barista actually makes my latte extra hot as requested, it truly makes my day. 

50. Running for any form of public transport and making it. – best feeling ever. 

A selection of selfies taken after shitty high street stores tell me my butt is too big for trousers to make me feel better.



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