SELF CARE – Part One

Days like yesterday make me realise how important the little things can be to make you happy. One or two days a year, it’s the perfect time to eat a bowl of steaming, spicy ramen, extra chilli. The rain is relentless, the wind is howling, but you’re cosily slurping and the world is ok. I live for those ramen restorations. This is one of the small things that make me happy.

Blogs and magazines, your mate’s insta who you don’t really like that much and even your colleagues lunch are enough to ruin a day, but sometimes, something in-sequential can put you in the best of moods, and this year, I’m really hoping to notice those moments more.

According to this morning’s Refinery 29 newsletter (must be read whilst drinking the first cuppa of the day at desk), these were the top 50 lil luxuries according to brits. 

I’ve deleted the ones that are not applicable to me and thought about why the ones that are, matter.

Come back to read the second 25 later this week…

My top 50 “little luxuries” part one:

1. Freshly laundered bed linen – oh my god, the best feeling ever. I used to do this religiously every week, but things are a little lax at the moment. Must do better, but with my frequent trips away from home, it’s harder to stick to a laundry day. It’s terrible for your skin though! I would never wear the same top for 2 weeks straight, so why do I do it to my face?!

2. Time to read a good book – as you might have read in my last blog post, I’m aiming to ramp up my reading. This month, I finished Future Sex – Emily Whitt, recommended by Jenni from the Block. V.good. The best feeling was turning the last page after not having read a book in so long. The worst? Missing my tram stop because I was engrossed on the chapter on Pornography. Interesting commuter material…

3. Getting a takeaway – Deliveroo on a hangover. Sushi. Pizza when the toppings haven’t slid off. Fish and chips steaming on your lap, drenched in vinegar, please. It arriving still hot. BONUS.

4. A cosy night in – especially when you had plans and wanted to cancel and the THEY cancel. The dream. Preferably accompanied by fresh sheets and Dairy Milk Giant Buttons 

5. A lunch date with a friend – edit – brunch in Brixton Market, The Northern Quarter or Pop Brixton

6. When someone makes you a nice cup of tea/coffee – My dad makes the absolute best ones. He makes me one every evening. it’s one of the best things about having moved home. the worst is when someone makes you one and you have to drink it even though it taste like pondwater. How though? literally three steps to making tea…

7. Buying fresh artisan bread – Bread makes it. From the copious amounts of french stick they give you at Brasserie Zedel with salted butter, to a glorious 3 cheese loaf we made Croques with at the weekend from Tesco. It wouldn’t be anywhere as good with Warburtons Toastie loaf. 

8. Using a premium perfume/cologne/fragrance – I wear Far Away by Avon every single day. It smells of me. But if I am treating myself or have an extra special occasion, I do enjoy a pump or two or Coco Mademoiselle. I don’t feel right if I’m not wearing perfume. 

9. Having a manicure – this is transformative. L1 nails in MCR are now my go to. No lie, gel manicure in 15 minutes and 2 weeks later, chip free.

10. Buying yourself flowers – getting bought flowers to me kinda say sorry. Must have had bad experiences. Used to love getting them for our rank lil kitchen in Brixton though;£1 daffodils made you forget about the perma weed stench and pile of dishes in the sink.

11.Leaving work half-an-hour early – every second away from your desk is precious, even when you love your job.

12. Receiving a hand-written letter – I used to write letters to my friends all the time. I understand how busy everyone is though, and sometimes, just a whatsapp, a meme, a tag, or insta comment is enough when it comes from a mate.

13. Keeping an empty seat beside you on public transport – YES. Why are you sitting next to me when there’s 20 million seats free? And why must you do this whilst eating Burger King on the train?

14. A picnic – as long as it’s ACTUALLY warm outside. My favourite memory is eating sun warmed yellow peaches in the Nice sunshine, burning myself to a crisp. They were so sweet.

15. Buying new makeup – fave new buy, Kiko highlighter in Gold Sands and Kiko Unlimited Foundation. Makes my scarred skin look flawless.

16. Hitting the snooze button – everyday. And everyday I do regret it. but i will never stop

17. Applying a facemask – my sisters are sticklers for skincare, and I wish I had more of their discipline! This year, Hannah recommended the Vitamin C peel by Body Shop. I use it twice a week and it literally surprises me everytime. Buy it.

18. Ordering dessert – Crème Brûlée holds a soft spot. Sticky Toffee Pudding in a pub. Jugs of custard. Don’t be stingey please.

19. When the clocks go back – that extra hour in bed though. Hopefully on a weekend, with nothing to get up for

20. Finding a plug socket on public transport – instagram and asos, rendering me un-concactless whenever I need to go home…

21. Skipping the ads on YouTube videos – HATE ads on youtube, I just wanna see the cat video man.

22. Splashing out on expensive toiletries – Clarins and Estee Lauder. Always tempted in Duty Free, and check my balance, and my my balance says no. If it didn’t I’d get the Genifique Serum from Estee Lauder. My mum gave me hers once and it was amazing. 

23. Perfect winged eyeliner – I have worn lined eyes every day since i was 15. When i don’t wear it, people think i’m ill. no better feeling than making myself feel human with a swipe of Sleek Liquid Liner in jet.

24. A Hot Water Bottle – literally always cold.

25. Freebies –  open barriers at train stations, that free coffee from Pret, free beauty samples, even office cakes and biscuits. Must be the northerner in me…



3 thoughts on “SELF CARE – Part One

  1. Yes yes and yes to all of those. It’s true that all the little things add up!
    If you like Ramen try Tampopo, it’s where i work and i can vouch for the Tonkotsu one, yum!

    Thanks for the post!

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