New Year, New Adventure.

After the full pages of December, the book starts blank in the New Year. Carte blanche; a symbol of hope, peace, possibility and new. So as I opened my brand new, very lovely diary to look at the year ahead, I took a little time to reflect on the year just passed and channel what I want to change in the year ahead of me, as I’m lucky enough to have it. 

1. Travel more.

Moving back home and in with my parents means that half my yearly salary now no longer goes on rent. You’d think then I’d be flushed with cash, able to purchase the blogger essential designer handbag and start saving for a deposit on my very own plot. WRONG. I still have my entire overdraft to pay back, which takes longer than you think when you get sidetracked by bargains in the ASOS sale and extravagant Christmas presents for your loved ones. But, one thing I can splash out on a little more this year is travel. It’s the only thing you spend money on which makes your life at least, richer. I plan to wander in foreign palaces, eat my favourite cuisines in their countries of origins, go to cities I’ve never heard of or drink in bars and cafes my favourite literary figures have. So far, less than 9 days into January, I’m making good of this resolution with 5 holidays booked, one to be booked next month and 7 places to be ticked off my checklist.

I’ll be posting blogs and pics on all the best places we visited on my travels and my Instagram will be continental AF. Keep tuned for me hitting up Lille and Bruge in a couple of week’s time where I snapped up £10 return tickets for a weekend jaunt thanks to Ryanair’s Black Friday Sale a couple of month’s back. 

2. Read more

I used to read so many books. SO many. Fact: when I was a child, and frequent visitor of my once beloved Royton Library, my children’s library card was upgraded to an adults, as at the age of 8, I was consuming a preposterous amount of books and reaching my limit of 8 weekly. This was raised to 13 and I accepted the challenge. I studied English Literature at Lancaster Uni, and whilst I mostly partied and ate garlic sauce on chips, it did land me a job in publishing which literally meant it was my job to read… nowadays, I’m lucky if I read a book a month! I’m aiming to read two though, and hopefully with all these getaways planned, I’ll need some reading material for all them trains, planes and coaches. 

3. Cook a recipe from a cookbook once a month 

My career highlight whilst I worked for Ebury Publishing was without doubt working on the cookery books. From photoshoots which meant a bounteous haul tupparwared up to feast on later, copious amounts of cake cooked by legends such as Konditor and Cook and Mary Berry and working with some absolute food icons, I would pour over their culinary tomes, eyes feasting for my stomach, but London, with it’s plethora of restaurants and penchant for eating time until there was none of it left to cook with, meant it was a rare thing for me to actually whip anything up from these books. This year I vow to cook for me and the pleasures of others a recipe from one of the many books I have collected over the years and share with you the results. 

4. Learn to drive 

I can’t. it’s sucks. But not as much as asking your younger sister for a lift. Or feeling really guilty when your parents have to get you in the cold and you’re a 25 year old fully grown woman because of shitty transport links compared to LDN. I have tried. Twice. And failed. But if at first you don’t succeed…

5.Find a new hobby 

I LOVED boxing in Brixton. It was like playing netball when I was younger, or korfball at uni. I made friends, got fit and sweated without even realising (much) that I was exercising. Boxing got me in great shape and out of my comfort zone. Unfortunately, I can’t find anything convenient in MCR for me to carry on (I was actually getting quite good!), so I’m on the hunt for a new past time that will keep me fit and help me make friends in a city that’s become a bit of a stranger to me in recent years.

Of course, I have all the usual resos such as losing them Christmas pounds, putting a bit of money away (even with all the travel), being a generally nicer human being, especially to my parents, and especially after one of those horrid days at the office, because it’s actually never really that bad is it? 

What resolutions have you been making this year? And have you failed any already? One of my originals was not to spend money in January on clothes. Failed that one, cos it might be a new year, but I’m stillllllll some of the old me at least. Plus these culottes from River Island were £4 and are you saying you’d reli be able to resist?



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