Christmas Sweet Tooth – Top Picks


Every month has something it’s synonymous with, and for December, your first thought may be Christmas, but for me, it’s 100% food. 

T’is the season of mulled wine, sugar spun into canes and crystallised on German spiced cookies and golden roast turkeys, crowning the dining room table.

Being a non-white British with mixed heritage, our Christmas’ can be quite eclectic. Some years we have Iranian shoulder of lamb, laden with fragrant dill and garlic, other years you may have found a heavily perfumed biriyani, bright with saffron and spicy chunks of slow cooked beef right alongside a traditional roast! Our Christmas table is a veritable feast from around the world, and Christmas is the perfect time to let go and indulge in some naughty and oh so very nice treats. 

Here are some of my all time favourite eats for Christmas, the luxury and the more budget version – and for someone who has more of a savoury love than a sweet tooth, there is a lot of sugar present… 

Hazelnut Chocolate 

Is there a chocolate more intrinsically linked with Christmas than a Ferroro Rocher? Well the answer is no! It is actually the most popular Christmas chocolate with the equivalent of  2 per person sold for every person in the UK! I love hazelnut chocolate; it’s possibly my favourite thing in the world, but for something a little more indulgent than the  usual mix of chopped nuts and wafer, try the Italian truffley consistency of Carluccio’s dark chocolate and hazelnut slab. It comes in decadent gold packaging making it the perfect gift… to yourself 

Torraco Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut slab: £7.95 – Carluccio’s


Is it even Christmas if there isn’t a big box of biscuits for you to gorge on throughout the day? I think not! My top picks have to be the butter based Belgian biscuits dipped in chocolate from M&S or German inspired Lebkuchen from Betty’s in Yorkshire. The cinnamon and ginger and thin layer of icing is the perfect balance of sweet and spicy, and I love the cakey consistency after the initial crunch! 

Betty’s Lebkuchen £8.75 from Betty’s Yorkshire

Mince Pies 

One for santa, the rest for me, but in the case of PAUL bakery’s Christmas Mince Pie Croissants, Santa will have to get his mince pie hit from elsewhere! Flaky french layers of buttery pastry and mince meat full of peel and juicy fruit. These are a great modern update on mince pies that make mince pies for breakfast in the run up to Christmas perfectly acceptable. The crumble topped mince pies, encased in traditional short pastry from BlackBird bakery are also great to be enjoyed after a brisk walk and a cup of Yorkshire Tea 

Mince Pie Croissant available nationwide for £1.75 PAUL Bakery

Blackbird Bakery, Dulwich, London 

Chocolate Orange

Apparently, it’s not Terry’s or anyone’s this year with outrage coursing through the country when they announced the price hike, as well as shrinking the popular christmas chocolate to the size of a clementine! Upgrade your Vitamin C-hocolate  this year with the Clemente in Camicia, slices of clementine coated in rich Italian Chocolate 

Chocolate Coated Clementines: £12.95 – Carluccio’s 

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3 thoughts on “Christmas Sweet Tooth – Top Picks

  1. I love Quality street but the tin has got alot smaller than when I was a child. And my husband and I have got a plain chocolate orange under the tree. A tradition every year. I hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas. Love Bec xx

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