#Manchester – Teacup Kitchen – The Northern Quarter

One thing for certain is that Northerners know tea. I don’t mean the fancy teas served in all of London’s fanciest hotels where the Lady Grey whispers of orange and bergamot and Iranian cafes fill golden rimmed, glass thimbles with saffron liquid gold, I mean strong, bracing tea. Tea that will wake you up as much as a double espresso and warm you to your very bones. Teacups Kitchen in the Northern Quarter embody the Northern appreciation for tea and I was so glad to have a cup of it after walking in on possibly the coldest day of the year.

The Northern Quarter, a veritable treasure trove of cafes, pubs and diners, is the home of Teacup Kitchen. Serving good and proper tea, obviously. They bring your fine blends, strong cups, herbal remedies and infusions, brewing in a tea pot with a timer for each blend, scientifically worked out to time for the perfect brew each time. Teacup Kitchen rescued me from almost freezing to death in arctic Manchester last week. We hopped out for lunch and enjoyed their classic English Breakfast alongside their minute steak and softly poached eggs which felt so much naughtier than it was and an absolute banging bargain at £9. The eggs were perfectly poached, the meat seasoned well and the cherry vine tomatoes popped with sweetness too. It came served simply with a watercress salad and a tarragon spiked bernaise.

Note to self: I must go back for the cakes, they look absolutely devilishly good! Towering structures of rainbow cake, walnut studded coffee cake, fragrant banana loaf and a classic red velvet…. I couldn’t choose! Luckily, I’d baked a cake for the office, my usual too easy banana bread, which you can find the recipe for here.

If you want a proper cuppa tea, book a table here

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2 thoughts on “#Manchester – Teacup Kitchen – The Northern Quarter

  1. I’ve eaten in Teacup many times over the years and I thoroughly recommend the cakes 🙂 I’m an earl grey tea drinker and there’s are excellent. My husband is a builders brew tea drinker and loves their Breakfast tea. Love bec xx

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