#LONDONADVENTURE: Barrio turns 10! – ANGEL

To follow my depart from London post with a post about a raucous party I went to, in you guessed it, London, seems contradictive but whilst I said I’d left Manchester, it didn’t say I’d be forsaking London, right?

After my first week at a new job at a cool  consumer agency, based in the trendy Northern Quarter, a ping of my inbox alerted me to an invite to Barrio;s 10th birthday bash in Angel, London. Nichi, the delightful marketing matchmaker at The Inner Circle, invited me and Jenni from the Block for a night of raising margaritas and downing tequilas at one of the branch to celebrate a decade of latin infused decadence and dancing. 

So, since I had no plans for the weekend yet, I hopped on a megabus come my 4pm (!) Friday finish and was on my way to London for Barrio’s bash the next day. 

Never one to arrive early, we stumbled in to oiled up mexican wrestlers, everyone dancing on the tables and a tequila luge. Is there a better way to celebrate than latin inspired small plates and cuban cocktails? Probably not to be honest. 

Happy Birthday Barrio! Can’t wait for your 20th 

Shout out to the horny couple making out NONSTOP once the lock in started…

Barrio has 4 London loations: Soho, Angel, Shoreditch and Brixton – bringing a slice of the Latin quarter all over London


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Insta Barrio here


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