#LondonAdventure – Bar + Block – Kings Cross

Nikitita and I bonded over a lack of pep in the morning and our infamous resting bitch face when we used to work together. Luckily, out of the office, we are all smiles and big jokes so, after a couple of months since our last big catch up, we were in desperate need of one with lots of meaty gossip and juicy tidbits to fill each other in on ahead of her big day later this month and settled on Bar and Block in Kings Cross to guzzle and gas…

Just a stone’s throw from Kings Cross station, Bar and Block steak house is smart and soft lit; perfect for after work drinks, an express lunch or a long leisurely gastronomical blow out like mine and Nik’s. It seemed the wedding stress was the perfect wedding dress diet though, as Nik arrived, perfect hair and make up as always and absolutely tiny! Good job we were set for three courses then!

To start, Nik, lost without toast, opted for the mushrooms on toast which came with a perfectly poached egg for ultimate yolk porn whilst I went for the calamari accompanied by tangy aioli. Whilst trying to get a mouthful in inbetween all our chatter, we sipped on a fruity white, perfect for the balmier weather that now seems so far away as the autumnal vibes have definitely started settling in!

Bar and block are famed for their steaks, from prized cuts like tomahawks to the ultimate sirloin and fillets. I opted for a ribeye which was soft and perfectly cooked with the fat rendered all the way though, whilst Nikita went for a melt in the mouth fillet steak. We couldn’t believe how reasonably priced it was for the quality of meat we were eating! I would definitely recommend skipping straight to the mains as they were generous!

In between showing pictures of wedding touches and henna designs, we waited for dessert even though we really were quite full and decided to share a baked cheesecake and brownie. The cheesecake was not-too-sweet with a tart cherry compote and a decadent brownie finished us off.

Whilst the three course meal probably won’t make a dent on Nik’s gorgeous figure for her wedding day where I’m sure she’ll look every bit as glamourous as always, in fact more, Bar and Block ruined my diet but that steak and that cheese cake was definitely worth it.

Bar and Block offer a £10 express lunch – perfect if you have a train to catch!

Bar + Block
26-30 York Way
Kings Cross
N1 9AA


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