#LondonAdventure – The Summer Polo – Ham Polo Club, Richmond

Life is hard when you don’t have a personal chauffeur, dietician and hairdresser to help you get ready for the polo on a Saturday morning. Instead I find myself increasingly stressed sending whatsapp after whatsapp of possible outfit choices to deathly silence as everyone else for our girl’s day out is also undergoing the same horrendous situation in their messy rooms, clothes strewn everywhere.

An emergency stich of my dress, the insta famous floral senorita dress from Primark would you believe it, with extra as fuck also insta famous H&M tassled earrings, and an ordering of TWO ubers later, me and Jenuinely Savvy were finally on our way to Ham Polo Club for The InnerCircle annual summer party. Weaving through Richmond Park, surrounded by actual deer, we eventually cooled down thanks to the Merc air con and arrived to Rachel Geeneva already waiting for us at the gate.

A very hunky bouncer attached our VIP bands and we swept into the only working polo club in London. The games were already in full swing with actual real-life horses and cute as button jockies dashing by us presumably playing polo… it truly set the scene and over 300 single, successful and beautiful humans mingled, sipped on bubbles and flirted.

This was the ideal set up: beautiful people, gorgeous setting and pretty much guaranteed genuinely single men all hoping to meet someone they want to order pizza with on a Sunday morning/go to a cool caf in Peckham and read papers over avo on toast on a Sunday morning depending on the night before… The InnerCircle vets every single profile, links to social media and works by recommendation only so it’s almost like being intro’d by a friend.

Finally, the last of our SITC quartet, Shabz, showed up, the sax sexed it up, the strings were on point and the decks were spinning and I can vouch that fewer singles left than arrived! We definitely witnessed a lot of chemistry… Whilst we had no luck ourselves – high 5 to Jack, Yan, Lewis, Bobby and special mention to Evan for trying, we had an amazing time relishing the chance to dress up, be gals and get through a lot of bubbles.

The Innercircle hosts parties around the world, from ski holidays, rooftop hangouts, and of course, the Ham Summer Polo.

Become part of The InnerCircle here.

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