#LondonAdventure – P.F Chang’s – Leicester Square

I love Chinese food. It can be whatever you want it to be depending on how you feel. Indulge in slow cooked meats with crisp crackling, keep it fresh with high grade fish and exotic leafy vegetables or make it dirty with tangy sweet and sour, unctuous noodles slick with satay and salty soy. So when P.F Chang’s, Chinese American giants, announced they would be landing in London , I knew this was somewhere I’d be wearing my comfortable eating trousers, and still struggle to walk out the door.

We kicked off the party with the lobster roll which at £14 is quite pricey – but when it arrived, sweet hunks of lobster were tumbling out of the crisp filo pastry and is generous in portion. Definitely a repeat order. We also went for the ranbow sushi which was ok, but not noteworthy IMO. It needed more wasabi or something to give it an added kick. Perhaps more sushi vinegar in the rice? The lamb chop with orange was a delight, sticky fragrant and pink. But the main event was those dynamite prawns. A huge portion of deep fried king prawns drenched in Siracha mayonnaise. There was a fight for the last one. I won. When I return, because I will, this would serve  as main on it’s own. Though, I won’t limit myself to just one dish.

From the mains section, the king pao chicken, a mixture of chicken dark with soy and umami rich, wok fried with crunchy peanuts and red dried chilles was my favourite main. Thinly sliced Mongalian beef was brought to life with the addition of fresh spring onions diagonally sliced and the sweet Chang’s chicken would be a sure fire hit with all – definitely  a safe bet and one great for sharing and keeping that one fussy eater happy. Finally, we had the lettuce chicken wraps with crispy noodles which were a great textural addition to our selection, but not my favourite from everything I had. Along with the dynamite shrimp though, these lettuce wraps have a cult following and will be a winner for those low carbies out there. Sides wise, the wasabi mash, creamy and peppered with spring onion, could’ve done with more wasabi as it was definitely more buttery than fiery and the aubergines could have done with a little more cooking. The fried rice was jeweled with mix veg and a great addition to the stirfry dishes.

We couldn’t handle desset, but the cocktails from the guys at The Whistling Shop, incorporating flavours such as sake, yuzu, ponzu and melon, provide refreshing takes on classic cocktails.

Me and Mel attended the star studded launch party and can confirm that even MIC’s very own Proudlock is impartial to a dynamite shrimp or three. It was an incredible party with beatz by Laura Whitmore ending in a riot of cake being fed by the forkful to revelers, macarons from the on site bakery downstairs, the waitresses and waiters getting down low to RnB bangers and grime legend, Nadia Rose taking over the instabooth.

P.F Chang’s, on the doorstep of China Town and just behind Leicester Sq station, is gonna be that fail safe venue for meeting friends, fun cocktails and a bangin Chinese that will leave you feeling dirty for all the right reasons.

Bonus points – the chicken is halal and they’re looking at making more options halal too.

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10 Great Newport St.
London, United Kingdom

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