Food Diary – Paul’s Vegan Sandwich

Lunch should be a leisurely affair, and the French know how to do lunch. The English however, are a little less inclined for a spot of lunch and more often than not it’s the mandatory Pret, soggy sandwich or cardboard supermarket wrap hastily eaten at their desks…

When Paul’s Bakery brought out a new range of sandwiches though, with their signature Parisian baguettes and luxurious fillings, I know I had to make the time to kick back and enjoy lunch in style, French style that is.

With the sun shining, a stroll to one of their many outlets was a breath of fresh air after a stuffy couple of hours in the office. The delicate pastries, rich with butter tempted me in invitingly, nestled next to glistening patisserie artworks like fruit tarts but I was here for the real event – a proper sandwich.

I opted for their vegan sandwich:  a freshly baked French baguette studded with beetroot, bursting with grilled peppers, onions, carrots, spinach leaves and a sweet carrot tapenade; the Sandwich Végétalien was vibrant with the tastes of summer.  I couldn’t have a sandwich without crisps though, so it only felt right to go for their chardonnay wine vinegar crisps for a bit of crunch.

Taking the time for a proper lunch, in London, is such a rarity, so make like a Parisian and reclaim your lunch hour, bask in the sun we’re being blessed with of late and take a bite of real, proper sandwich. Save that homemade salad for another day, can you really take wilted leaves and dry chicken for another day?

GO for a spot of lunch and leave your office chair. It’ll still be there when you come back

DON’T GO if you can’t resist a pastry. You will leave with crumbs down your work clothes and it’ll be worth it.   





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