#LondonAdventure – Flatpack Speed dating with Match.com

My to do list is ever growing and less and less of the things I jot down on it gets done each week. Two things I specifically have to make time for are 1. Dating and 2. DIY.

Since I’m still boyfriendless and my TV stand is actually a never-been-used  juicer, still in a box, it seems  I definitely still have room to improve in both areas. Luckily, Match.com sent through an invite just in time to an event that may have fixed my dating and DIY woes.

Match.com, a top online dating site, matched singles and challenged them to construct their very own piece of flat pack furniture – an activity thought of as the ultimate test of a relationship. Whilst I think a true test of a relationship was how willing said date was to share his chips cos I ordered a salad, stroke my hair when I’m feeling sorry for myself and get me Dairy Milk Giant Chocolate Buttons  when I’m hungover on a Sunday, unasked, I’ve yet to reach this milestone with a beloved so I was certainly intrigued.

My gal, Amy Poehler joked that Ikea is Swedish for ‘argument’ and I cannot argue with that. This could potentially be a demolition site, or Match might simply provide me with all the right tools to find my ideal man.

New research from Match revealed that almost a fifth (18 per cent) of couples claimed building flat pack furniture was a true test of their relationship, and nearly a third (31 per cent) believed that if you do it as a couple, you can get through anything. I wasn’t one to dispute with hard cold stats so I went, armed with a glass and personalized tool set, and my ‘match’ Mr Architect, to build a TV stand with pictorial instructions I knew I wouldn’t be able to follow.

Mr Architect was very smartly dressed, shirt, slacks, very square glasses and just a little bit too square all round for me. He was polite, took my sarcasm seriously but was involved in building the Shard. Whilst that wasn’t quite enough to make me swoon, it may have given him an unfair advantage with the Ikea task… Despite me spilling a large glass of red over the instructions, wrongly jamming in a screw where I shouldn’t have and affixing the handle on wonkily, he managed to just about keep his cool with me and still build the bed stand, singlehandedly.

We finished with plenty of time to spare. We may have won out the other couples with our speedy building but I didn’t feel like we had laid the best foundation for a second date.

My second pairing was with self-styled, Mr London. Now, I haven’t attached this moniker to him because he was cosmopolitan, dapper, timeless and interesting. No; he’d decided to change his name to London. Srsly. He also ate margarine instead of real butter, had braces on in a 2002 ‘Panic at the Disco’ way I didn’t dig, skinnier jeans than me and never ate dessert. I knew without building our tasked bathroom cabinet (which we were failing at) that this would go nowhere, so I abandoned ship, stopped building and headed back to the bar in swank Giglamesh for a top up.

Whilst Match.com hadn’t found me a match for life, I’m in love with my brand new night stand that means I can start maybe using my never-been- used juicer. Maybe. . .

Match.com host alternative speed dating nights all the time – from cooking to flatpack, find your fit with their events.

If you too are rubbish at boyfriends and building, head down to their next dating workshop tomorrow and book tickets: uk.match.com/realitydates


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