#LondonAdventure – The Commercial – Herne Hill

It felt like the first sunny day in 2017, or maybe I finally had a spring in my step after a two mad ones in a row in Portsmouth with the work gals and then in London with the old uni crew, but even though still dressed head to toe in black, I definitely felt like summer was coming.

What’s better in the Summer than catching some rays in the beer garden of a traditional English pub? The smells of BBQ’s mingling, classic pub grub zooming past you to tables full of smiling friends who are instantly happier because the sun is shining and endless gin and tonics of course.

After attending the relaunch party of The Commercial, I couldn’t wait to head back. The place is the perfect mix of old fashioned traditional with upmarket modern touches to stop it feeling like an old man haunt. From a menu where every dish sounds enticing, to an exciting gin selection, The Commercial, tucked away in the idyllic Herne Hill, was the perfect place to discover once we’d ambled through Brockwell Park,, flushed from the sun and in need of a reviving drink.

Since the sun was shining, it would be rude not to start with the quintessential taste of summer, gin and tonics! Bulldog Gin, Fentimans tonics made for delicious and refreshing drinks in the heat. Next we enjoyed starters of marinated chicken wings which were juicy, sticky and begged to be picked up with both hands. Luckily my date was someone who I didn’t feel too shy to get my hands dirty in front of so I could get stuck in! We also shared the crispy squid with sweet chilli sauce which was even better with a squeeze of lemon; there was a hint of spice and the squid wasn’t chewy. I only had a few pieces so I could keep room for a Sunday roast I’d been looking forward to all week!

There’s nothing more disappointing than going out for a roast dinner and being greeted with rock hard, soggy potatoes, dry chicken (always my roast of choice when I have it out) powdery mash and over boiled veg. Many Sundays have been ruined in that exact way! I push around the dry roast meat, with not enough gravy and an unfeasible amount of carrots around my plate and eat it simply because it’s there, I’m paying and I’m starving. This was not the case for The Commercial; the chicken was alive with the flavours of Spring with herbs and lemon running through it and was tender and juicy. The potatoes were crisp and buttery and there was even a Yorkshire! Perhaps it’s Northern bias but I thought it could do with a bit more gravy. Otherwise, the roast was faultless and very reasonably priced.

The Commercial, with its sun trap of a beer garden in sleepy Herne Hill, was the perfect spot to round off quite the hectic weekend, and ease me into what was sure to be another hectic week…

Go for stand out pub cooking in the heart of Herne Hill and great drinks whatever your order is. They also have awesome music nights on for when you want to hit the tiles and dance the night away. Keep up to date with what’s going on by following them on Twitter.

Don’t go if you have trouble choosing things from a menu – it all sounds so good!

Shout out to local legend Rico, welcome to hit me up for that road trip to Manchester.

I’ll be back for the fish and chips, it looked stellar.

The Commercial: 212 Railton Road, London, Greater London, SE24 0JT

The London Adventurer - The Commerial 2.jpgThe London Adventurer - The Commercial.jpg

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