#LondonAdventure – Bon Vivant – Bloomsbury

The French have a real flair when it comes to mixing business with pleasure and the art of a leisurely lunch. Naturally, when the opportunity arose to take a quick-witted work connection who’s emails I always wanted to see in my inbox out for a spot of lunch, Bon Vivant, a cheeky little brasserie in Bloomsbury, was the only choice.

I wandered from the office in new shoes, ill-thought for the brisk 15 minute walk from the office to the restaurant, but they just completed my outfit so well you know?, and gals must suffer to look good whilst striding past shop windows, even if they arrive a little flustered.

Luckily, I may have been flustered but not late as Mr Seek arrived at the same time. The French seemed to have imparted their impeccable sense for timing too.

Bon Vivant hugs the corner of a junction in Bloomsbury making ideal for a bit of cutting bitchiness as you people watch whilst eating the glorious French bread with properly salted butter. Margarine eaters need not apply.

A mixture of outdoor tables for true Frenchies to sit and smoke their Marlborough Reds with their basket of bread,  or the plush pink velvet bucket chairs inside for a tres romantic tete a tete, make Bon Vivant a great option from everything from a lunch rapide, breakfast pastry or two bottle of wine and eye flutter affair.

Whilst the maître couldn’t tempt us in to sharing a bottle at lunch (it was work after all and we were being so intensely British and polite), we sipped water from the stylish glassware and perused the menu. Mr Seek opted for a more virtuous squid dish, but I threw caution to the wind and ordered the bavette steak with truffled spinach and glorious confit onions. Bon Vivant know what to do with butter, i.e drown everything in it. Delicious.

Desserts of a deconstructed Snickers cheesecake and of course, a chocolate fondant with melting heart and hazelnut ice cream was a very indulgent end to a Tuesday lunch

In between talking shop, dating, lack of skills in swimming and cycling and thinking, ‘hmm, how bad would it be if I asked you on a date?’ the very British lunch hour flew by very quickly. Perhaps it was the Frenchness of the place that made me fall slightly in like with Mr Seek, Paris is after all the city of love. Anyway, Seek must be in hiding; my inbox is very definitely lacking any messages of wit…

Go for French food with proper portions of bread and butter, the whisper of French accents in the air and a really, very good wine list

Don’t go if you’re counting the cals, the French never do and they always seem to look fabulous, darling

The damage:  very reasonable two or three course lunch menu.

75-77 Marchmont Street
London WC1N 1AP

020 7713 6111 

Instafrench  them here

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