#LondonAdventure – Cinnamon Kitchen #HOLIintheCITY – Liverpool St.

Following a night at 68 & Boston with a dark and handsome someone, I definitely didn’t feel like the coming of Spring had arrived when I woke up. An amazing night yes, but it most certainly was the morning after the night before. With an extensive wine list with every bottle for £20 and their extended wine list for a little more, it was no wonder I felt worse for wear the next day…

Luckily, the coming of Spring was exactly what I’d be celebrating with a little help from Cinnamon Kitchen, one of the four restaurants from the Indian Masterchef, Vivek Singh. In line with Indian tradition, every year Spring is celebrated with the throwing of brightly colored powders; a riot of vibrancy spreads through the cities and towns and Bollywood tunes blare through the bazaars to blast away the chill of the winter. Brown Beauty in tow, we caught up over the especially selected cocktails for Holi festival at the pop up bar including the likes of the Holika Fire – appleback, fresh lime, homemade grenadine; and the Neela Heera – Broker’s Gin, Maraschino liqueur, Crème Yvette and fresh lemon, alongside Kingfisher beers. Much rather, I watched Brown Beauty drink them whilst she told me about her recent dating escapades.

Fired up and raring to colour the town red, blue, pink and yellow, we entered an especially made booth with other Holi goers, all zipped up in protective coveralls and were let loose on each other. Flecks of colour filtered the whole scene until after a good thirty minutes of throwing, the air was full of the rainbow.

Thoroughly exhausted, Me and BB sat on the heated terrace, and truly felt like Spring was coming. Not quite hungry enough for the 3 courser on offer especially for Holi at Cinnamon Kitchen (including the likes of Lentil stuffed wheat bread with yoghurt, tamarind and pomegranate, Grilled Kentish lamb escalopes with black stone flower and smoked paprika raita and King prawns in coconut and cardamom curry with ghee rice), we opted instead for the lamb shish, trio of tandoori and chicken biriyani. The lamb was perfectly spiced, the paneer adorned in buttery, fragrant sauce and the chicken biriyani reminded me of my travels in India with perfectly fluffed rice marinated chicken and sticky caramelised onions.  Considering our need for carbs thanks to last night’s exhausting activities, a mandatory side order of masala chips was on the menu for us too.

With a definite spring in our step, we descended down the steps of a much drearier Liverpool Station and amused fellow tube passengers with our multi-coloured-ness.

Sessions to play Holi can be booked here until Saturday 18th March for £8. Enjoy cocktails and Indian canapes as well as a Holi session for £15.Go the whole hog and enjoy the exceptional Indian cuisine for £38 including a cocktail and a holi session

Go for great indian food and lil colour injection to your monochrome life

Don’t go if you have OCD – there will be holi powder EVERYWHERE

9 Devonshire Square, London EC2M 4YL

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