#LondonAdventure – Bokan – Canary Wharf

Who said Monday’s shouldn’t be fun? Everyone knows that the real worst day of the week is Tuesday anyway.

With that in mind, I met with my favourite couple, Max and Era – to be known hence forth as Mera, for a proper catch up on what had been going on now we no longer hung out as a foursome, future plans, juicy gossip and work woes and wins.

We couldn’t have chosen a better place than new Canary Wharf opening, Bokan, a sprawling bar, restaurant and lounge set over three floors (from the 37th floor). In between mouthfuls of gossip and morsels of delicious food, we admired the panoramic views of London’s iconic skyline from a different angle. The views were truly breathtaking and worth the trip to Canary Wharf, though it wasn’t often Blasmin & co. ventured down to those parts. Seeing London from Canary Wharf almost felt like you weren’t in London at all – it felt like we were in some other city altogether with floating French accents of the waiters wafting in and out between the smells of hot bread, proper salted butter and dishes flying seamlessly out of the kitchen.

After finally setting on a French red, we ummed and ahhed on the menu, distracted intermittently by just how high we were, another story that popped into our heads and, of course, topping up our fast depleting glasses.

In the end, Mera settled on the pea and mint fritters, presented like a work of art, butternut squash soup, fresh and vibrant poured from a tea pot, and a melting steak tartare spiked with capers and wasabi mayo.

For the mains, seared soy glazed salmon lay on a bed of crisp green beans and an umami rich reduction, a huge bowl of freshly made pasta slick with tomato sauce and cheese and a perfectly cooked steak with triple cooked fries.

The food was as spectacular as the view, cooked by Aurelie Altemaire, formerly Head Chef at Michelin-starred L’Atelier de Jöel Robuchon, I’ve no doubt Bokan will soon be joining the Michelin ranks.

Presented with a dessert menu, and torn between still looking as sleek as my birthday self, reluctantly, I turned down the chocolate dessert complete with salted peanut butter ice cream – it was still Monday after all.

That didn’t stop us enjoying a nightcap with some cocktails – It was Monday after all, we needed to get through it! 😉  Up to the bar this time, we enjoyed unrivalled views of the City sipping drinks from the bespoke menu. Era opted for a spiced chilli number whilst I want floral and fluffy with the GMT. Max, got a beer. Oh, Manchester boys. I miss you.

A delicious night of food, views and friends

Go: for the loos with a view, fancy food, theatrical cocktails and a reason to go to Canary Wharf

Dont go: if you can’t stop at one cocktail. they are SRS business 

We went for their soft launch and they will be opening soon



Here’s some of my shitstagrams from the night: see more of them at @YJ53

Fanceh loos – Bokan – Canary Wharf – The London Adventurer – Yasmin Jaunbocus

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