#LondonAdventure – Negril, Brixton

When Blasmin first moved to London, M. Meyzin was the person that made a boring exhibition amazing, a hangover amazingly bearable and had the most amazing appetite for adventure, that soon he left Blasmin in London to adventure all over the world. Thankfully, just as things started getting darker for Blasmin, he returned to brighten up her life and they went to celebrate two job offers at party central and good vibes only Caribbean hot spot Negril, Brixton.

Greeted by their host, who’s warmth mirrored the incredibly tasty rum punches served up to toast to past memories and future successes, they soon got into the spirit of Negril and waited eagerly for their starters to arrive.

Segrena opted for pull pork ribs marinated in cinnamon and spices, whilst M.Meyzin and Blasmin tucked into traditional salt cod fritters. Savoury, golden puffs served with a creamy sauce made for a generous appetizer and meant they couldn’t wait for what came next.

M.Meyzin was all about the gainz so half a chicken and spiced rice and peas were the order of the day. The chicken was hawt and spicy but was balanced and moist too. Segrena opted for a lighter option of sea bass; delicate flakes of fish scented with herbs captured the calypso vibes of their inspiration cuisine. The sides of plantain were delicious. Sweet hunks of plantain deep fried, starchy and a touch of savoury made them an unusually good pairing whilst the sweet potato fries were crisp and fluffy without a hint of sog.

The restaurant had the exotic feel of a coconut covered beach hut, twinkling with fairy lights and laughter from regular patrons, parties and hungry punters.

A cosy little corner of the Caribbean, this was the perfect welcome home spot to take M.Meyzin to make him rediscover that London has all the adventure you need, from every corner of the world, if you just look.

Blasmin was very glad to have M.Meyzin back,

Go for rum cocktails, banging jerk chicken and to slag off jerk-ex boyfriends

Don’t go if you can’t handle a bit of spice or social interaction, this place is a party in your mouth and a party in sawf Landan.

Tweet your rummed punched tweets to their banging host @Negrilbrixton

Also available to order for takeaway! That’s right bring Jamaica home!


132 Brixton Hill, Brixton

Brixton, SW2 1RS

T: 02086748798


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