#LondonAdventure – The Laksa Kitchen – Kentish Town

After a day traipsing around the Tate Britain to examine some tres modern pieces of art at the Turner Prize exhibition, Blamsin and her littlest sister, braved the cold and rainy London streets again in search of comfort, sunshine and spice in a bowl. Luckily for them, a recommendation from About Time magazine had lead them straight to The Laksa Kitchen, a Malaysian pop up in Kentish Town serving up delicious bowls of creamy and spicy laksa to warm their cockles.

They opened the door to the Tolli Cafe, a quaint Italian eatery where The Laksa Kitchen have currently set up shop and it was surreal to see hanging cured meats and bottles of extra virgin olive oil whilst smelling fragrant broths laced with ginger and garlic and read the far eastern menu and wanting everything on the menu.

Blasmin and her baby sister settled on curry puffs and cucar udangs to start. The curry puffs were works of culinary art with layered flakey pastry filled with a velvety mixture of curried potato. They could’ve devoured several plates of these slightly sweet but savoury pastries but were distracted by the golden and crispy cucar udangs. Crisp pieces of battered beansprouts sprung out of the deep fried fritter filled with succulent pink prawns and served with a sweet chilli dipping sauce.

The winter chill finally subsiding from their bones, and their bellies getting warmer, they slurped thread thin vermicilli noodles, thick egg noodles that clung to the cocunutty sauce and smiled. The seafood laksa was a oceanic delight with chunks of squid, juicy mussels and tonnes of prawns. Blasmin enjoyed the slightly lighter sarawak laksa with chicken and prawns and delightful strips of omelette that sponged up the rich, soupy sauce.

The aromatic and gentle heat of Malaysia left Blasmin and her baby sister smiling and satisfied. Though laksa may be popular street food in the streets of Penang, we need to find The Laksa Kitchen a permanent residency because it’s the perfect remedy for when it’s raining in London.

The Laksa Kitchen’s residency runs at Tolli Cafe until December 18th. Make sure you get your bout of sunshine in a bowl before they pack up shop!

GO if you’re soaked to the bone in London rain and be transported to the smells and tastes of Asia

Don’t go if you’re wearing white, the slurp will get everywhere, but it’s still totally worth it.

Seafood Laksa – £10.50

Tolli café
327 Kentish Town Road

insta your Laksa here 

Tweet them here 

Book here

Check out Blasmin’s food snaps here





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