#LondonAdventure – Junkyard Golf- Brick Lane

There seems to be a revival of old past times at the moment, and nostalgia is what fuels next things on people’s to do lists in London and beyond. It’s now trendy to play bowls and join a netball team and there is no exception when it comes to a game of gold old fashioned mini golf.

In the home of trend in East London, Blasmin and her old housemates from Fulham descended upon Junkyard Golf to firmly determine she would never be a threat to Tiger Woods.

Neon lights, beheaded barbies and a love of good punnage littered the course for Blasmin and friends to negotiate to varying degrees of success.

At first, Mattias’ skills proved promising, whilst Blasmin and Annalise’ were lacking. Blasmin decided she was playing for fun after it took her 14 shots to get it in one hole. . .

Mr Yacht proved a natural whilst Ozzy Mark a surprising leader too.

Mattias left a sore loser in third place but it was decided it was lots of fun and a great place for the old gang to have all got back together to rekindle their old competitive ways.

Go if you want to impress a date but are too shy for lots of conversation. You can smile at the clever word play and seduce with your golf skills whilst nodding to throwback tunes 

Don’t go if you take sport very seriously and want every shot refereed. 

Drinks are cheap but  lost count after the third round of ciders. Perhaps to blame for Blasmin coming last? We think so…

Get your junk down to Junkyard Golf here

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