#LondonAdventure – Walker’s Crisp Pop-Up – London Bridge

Perhaps on a different level of sophistication, but a British institution non-the-less, is a classic crisp butty.

A carb creation close to Blasmin’s heart, her heart indeed jumped at the discovery of the newsagent fronted Walker’s sandwich pop up cafe mere yards from Blasmin’s office she happened to stumble across one day after work.

In her youth, Blasmin had enjoyed many a crisp butty- usually two slices of cloud soft white sliced bread, a smear of real, salted butter (Lurpak slightly salted is best), a hunk of strong cheddar and a bag of Walker’s finest cheese and onion or salt and vinegar and good raiding of the fridge of allll the condiments to complete her masterpiece. This would be enough to make Blasmin content. Add to the equation a good, strong cup of Yorkshire tea (dash of milk, no sugar) and this could beat any reservation at Sexy Fish.

B dragged her colleagues, Zeek, Sun and Frenchie to the cafe in search of crisp salvation and they were not disappointed.

The unsuspecting newsagent, with authentic signage, the mandatory lost cat notices and job call outs hid from plain view a Walker’s crisp haven. Portraits of potato monarch, Gary Linekar, a giant sandwich prime for insta ops and enough crisps to drown in greeted them behind a secret door inside – as long as you knew the secret pass word.

Blasmin enjoyed a slightly more sophisticated version of her crisp butty of youth of seed granary, sliced mature cheddar and walker’s brand new Cheese Toastie crisps in her bread creation. Lunch perfection at it’s finest. The only thing to make this more delicious wold have been to be served by ultimate crush, old Gazza who blasmin would definitely share her last bag of crisps with.

Go if you don’t think Gluten is an expletive.

Don’t go if you are a disciple of Deliciously Ella. You can’t handle the crisp

Entry: £3.50 and an appreciation of crisps.

Buy your tickets here. Runs till 29th September.


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