#LondonAdventure – Joe’s Southern Kitchen, Tastes of Kentucky with Jim Beam – Covent Garden

IMG_20160830_192533Another non-summer holiday for Blasmin and Mattias, this time our Oyster not-so-private tube took us all the way to Covent Garden for a #TasteofKentucky with Jim Beam bourbon cocktails and southern classics in American diner bar and restaurant, Joe’s Southern Kitchen.

Blasmin met up with her favourite London pen pal and fellow foodie, Charlotte from The London Blog and her beefy beau Russ for good grub, tales of boyfriend woes and wins and of course, copious amounts of diet-busting burgers, wings and accompanying  cocktails that transported them straight from Covent Garden to the deep south.

Past the well stocked bar, the hungry foursome settled down, belts loosened at the ready, in anticipation for Joe’s Southern Kitchen exclusive limited time menu the #TasteofKentucky

IMG_20160830_192824 (1).jpg

The menu, devised by Joe’s who know burgers and Jim Beam who know bourbon, was a tantalising 3 course set that had everyone excited. First, with bourbon glazed honey wings, came a not so innocent milkshake, laced with maple Jim Beam and topped with honeycomb. For those with a sweet tooth, this cocktail is the thing of boozy dreams and brought out the sweeter hues from those moorish wings. Blasmin and Mattias polished off the six wing portion and could have easily eaten more – but wisely, they resisted the 12 wing portion option knowing full well that two more burgers and two more cocktails were to follow!


Next, the prettiest sour they’d ever seen arrived, smokey and sweet with a tang and topped with a gorgeous slice of dried apple. The foamy smoked cocktail was a perfect match for the pulled pork bun with apple sauce and chicken salt fries. This was by far Blasmin’s and Charlotte’s favourite, but the boys had their stomachs set on the meatier, manlier next course.

Positively, full but already excited for what would follow – a classic bourbon old fashioned arrived to really showcase Jim Beam. To match, a mammoth beef burger, cooked to order, topped with bacon and a BBQ sauce real aficionados would remember for time to come landed in front of them.

The boys gave it a real go and Russ impressing the rest of us with his burger prowess, whilst B knew she would never leave the little slice of the south if she ate one more bite of the beef burger, polished it off and declared that the old fashioned was the best of the lot.

Decide for yourself and head down to Joe’s Southern Kitchen for a #TasteofKentucky. Enjoy quality meats, smokey with the authentic, brewed taste of real south Jim Beam even better cocktails and a night of (a really) good old fashioned food and fun.

The exclusive Jim Beam menu is available until the NOW book your table here.

Tweet Jim Beam your fave tipple, Insta your night at with#TasteofKentucky  and make your staycation one to remember.

Go to get tipsy on the food as much as the drink

The damage: £8-12 for food and a matching cocktail. All photos taken badly on Mattias’ much better Iphone 6 than Blasmin’s usual instatreats.


Charlotte from the London Blog with boyf Russ



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