#FoodDiary – Marshfield Farm Organic Ice Cream

Every now and again, Blasmin ventures out of London and quickly realises there are discoveries and adventures to be had all over this green and pleasant land.

This week, Blasmin and Mattias had the luxury of driving out of the city. Once the traffic jams and less than clean air of London, smoky with ambition and success, was left behind them and open road flanked by greenery greeted them with open arms, they swung down the country roads at hurtling speeds and explored the hamlets and toy box towns of Wiltshire.

They eventually arrived in Castle Combe, dubbed the prettiest village in England. With the sun dappling through the leaves, the babbling brook running through the town and cobbled houses with free range eggs and homemade loaf cakes outside them for us to honestly purchase, Mattias and Blasmin wandered through and took in lungfuls of fresh air. If only the stuff could be bottled and sold to the health nuts in London, they’d be certified millionaires.

Everyone knows a sunny day in England means one thing – ice cream! B&M had a soft spot for salted caramel ice cream – with some of the best they’d ever tasted at Venchi’s in Covent Garden. From a sweet old lady’s home, Mattias bought two pots of Marshfield Farm Salted Caramel ice cream choc-a-block with real butterscotch pieces. It was a real taste of England with a sophisticated edge. The ice cream was thick and creamy, made with real organic milk and cream from the small scale dairy farm just a few miles away. For these two city dwellers, it was a real taste of the English countryside.

Unfortunately, though their taste for the country may be genuine, Blasmin was a city girl through and through. Her pretty sandals were not made for country ambles and came apart after 15 minutes walking through country paths.

With fond memories made of simpler places, they headed back to LDN with cocktail dates and fancy restarants booked in the diary for the forseeable future.


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