#LondonAdventure – Fish, Wings and Tings – Brixton

For all the glamour and pzazz of London, sometimes, what Blasmin really wanted was a good old weekend with her favourite girlfriends, her sisters. Luckily for her, Shanayay, her pocket rocket of a bombshell sister who’s resting bitch face could make grown men cry, and who’s smile could melt those same men’s heart, was coming to town.

Firmly a Mancunian, through and through, Blasmin would have her work cut out convincing Shanayay that the South had it’s own set of charms.

Not taken by the traffic, tubes and costs, Blasmin had a final punt at impressing her sister and taking her to Brixton Village for dinner. It may not be a row of Chelsea Townhouses, or the gates of Buckingham Palace, but Brixton Village is full of the vibrancy of the entire world squashed up into family run restaurants, burger joints and drinking holes, squishing together people of all walks of life that made it quintessentially London. Blasmin and Shanaynay slipped into one of the last two seats at Fish, Wings and Tings and ordered some good an d hearty Caribbean food.

Blasmin ordered the roti goat, that came with exotic vegetabes, succulent meat in a melting gravy and a specialty, crumbly roti. Shanaynay opted for a classic and tucked into a mighty leg of jerk chicken and rice and beans.

Warming to London a little, it only took some salted caramel gelato from the local gelataria for Shanaynay to maybe consider coming down to London again sometime soon.


Don’t go if you  want a fine dining London Experience

Go if you want to sample some real food loved by real Londoners

Fish Wings and Ting

Tweet and Tings

Facebook Tings 

Roti Goat – £8






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