#LondonAdventure – Oi Hanoi – Aldgate East

A stones throw from the station at Aldgate East, Segrena sat waiting for Blasmin as another minute ticked on confirming that she was very firmly late. Again.

Eventually, flustered, on the verge of tears, and unfathomably hot, Blasmin arrived to an unimpressed Segrena at a gem of a Vietnamese restaurant, Oi Hanoi, where the lovely hostess Mae handed them both a premium Oi Hanoi beer and let them cool down and de-Londonify. A chilli mojito and a lychee spritzer followed the cool down beer before sweet, spiced and extravagantly garnished morsels, ready to transport them all over the eastern hemisphere, came steaming out of the kitchen.

Starters of duck and pancakes, perfectly crisp squid with a tangy citrus dipping sauce delicate dumplings filled with prawns and crab, crunchy spring rolls with a garlic sauce, spiced beef in beetle and fresh herbs and finally hand crafted pork and mushroom rice crepes ( Bánh Cuốn ) were chop-sticked at and swallowed in between ‘Oh My God’s, ‘Try This’ and a lot of girl gossip too. This was a lot of starter for two people, but Blasmin and Segrena made a very valiant effort to get through it.

Two more cocktails greeted them as a reprieve before more food arrived. Blasmin ended up spilling half of her coconut cream daiquiri before a king prawn and vermicelli rice noodle dish, beef pho and a delicious beef and flat noodle special were presented in front of them. Although everything was incredible, there was no way B+S would even finish one dish between them following the starters.The prawns were succulent and the sauce bold and spicy, the pho was aromatic and comforting and the beef special was one of those you couldn’t help but have another mouthful of.

The wonderful Mae packaged up all the leftovers for them and a very full, very happy B+S waddled onto the northern line, taking the long way home cos aint nobody got time for that walk at Bank to change line when you’ve eaten THAT much Vietnamese food.

Go for street food authenticity from the far east for a veritable feast of Viet flavours.

Don’t go if you have trouble choosing when everything looks delicious, you’ll over order and try and eat everything still. 

They also do delivery. 


Mattias sampled some leftovers the day after and heartily approved.

Say oi over on Twitter 

Hashtag #OiHanoi

91 Whitechapel High St, London E1 7RA

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