#LondonAdventure – F Mondays – Brixton

You know that feeling you have during the week, every week, and you count down every day until Friday and wake up on that Friday morning and think TGIF? Blasmin has that every week, as I’m sure many of you do too, and she actually loves her job. Come Saturday morning, the Sunday dread already starts to set in, tainting the joy of the weekend and by Sunday brunch, she is positively miserable at the prospect of Monday and the catch up emails, ‘How was your weekend?’ greeting line and back to the diet routine; it literally makes her want to commit

F Mondays acknowledges all this, lets you know this feeling it totally human, hands you a tissue to mop the angry frustration tears internal monologue rant and then gives you a damn good cup of coffee to cope with Monday too.

Their espresso is from Alchemy Coffee Roasters and is a delicious blend of  57% Ethiopia Kochere, 21.5% Costa Rica Rio Jorco, 21.5% Guatemala El Socorro. Expect notes of Apricot, Lime and Pecan. They have whole and semi-skimmed milk and  also offer Soy and Almond milk alternatives so you can literally get whatever you want to make you feel a bit better about it being Monday.

Ironically, Blasmin went for breakfast there with food hero and editor of Olive Magazine, Laura Rowe on a Friday. They were both super impressed by the halloumi and avo on toast for it’s delicousness, instagrammability and reasonable price. On a side note, she also went there to deliver bad news to a boy who might have been on love with her… or at least in like anyway.

It’s the perfect place to sit and act hard done by, drink some good coffee, eat some good food and have some change from a tenner on a Sunday before that F Monday feeling sets in in less than 24 hours and counting…

Following taking this I dropped my knife, half my halloumi and let my coffee go a bit cold cos I was in a meeting with one of my favourite magazine’s editors and I’m a big geek. 

Go if you want Monday to do one 

Don’t go if you struggle being in Swedish themed, interior goals heaven. 

Address: 112A Brixton Hill, London SW2 1AH
Open today · 7am–4pm
Follow here and tell Monday where to stick it




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