#LondonAdventure – Mangé des Ile – Tooting

If like Blasmin’s friends, all of your friends are jet setting to the likes of Sardinia, Croatia and the heaven on earth destination that is Mauritius, whilst you’re still tap, tap tapping away at your keyboards like automated London Office Worker bots, then perhaps travelling as far as you can via your lunch may be your only travel plans this summer.

For a good dose of sunshine on your plate, take your very hungry self down to Tooting for a cultural trip around the culinary world. From vibrant aubergines and papayas being displayed brightly on the streets, multicolored shining fish glinting from the food markets, and Colombian restaurants next door to gin palaces, you’ll be spoiled for choice with what to eat.

For Blasmin, there was only one choice – Mangé des Ilea Mauritian street food paradise selling all the classics such as haleem, biriyani and roti. Blasmin ordered 2 pairs of dholl phuri, smothered in salsa, butter bean curry and chilli sauce, shared a mines frites – Mauritian Chinese fusion noodles, with her mum, and tarte banan,  a custard pastry and washed it down with a warming, sweet, vanilla infused black tea.

Mauritian food brings the best of Chinese, Indian, french, Portuguese and African cuisine in delicious fusion dishes bursting with flavour.

Blasmin and her parents ate too much for under £20 – a fraction of the £800 flight ticket…

Go for Mauritian street food on the streets of  Tooting and ask for extra chilli

Don’t go if you’re sodding off somewhere nice – it’s not fair that you get both...

Stall 17, Tooting Market, 21- 0SN, 23 Tooting High St, London SW17

Make sure you get down there early – once they sell out they’re done!

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