#LondonAdventure – Senzella – Brixton Village

This week, Blasmin hasn’t felt much like breakfast – still full to the brim with Catalonian delights from recent travels, she’s been forcing down her Oat –so –Simple sachets (2 for £4 from Tesco ATM) each morning waiting to be in the mood for breakfast again… cos what’s better for breakfast than pancakes?

For a particularly good pancake breakfast, Brixton staple Senzela is just the ticket for lazy brunches in Brixton Village. Sat in the cosy caf, all are dissecting the night before and awkwardly sharing the restaurant with the guy you may have rebuffed the night before, who’s also hungover and enjoying a pancake with his bestie.

Blasmin, in need of sustenance, opted for the Spaniard. Cheesy, salty goodness stuffed into a buckwheat pancake, topped with an egg and utterly delicious. She watched rather sickened at Charley XYZ eating her double caramel delight of a pancake still feeling delicate, and Wan Dalker put an inordinate amount of chilli sauce on top of his. Segrena, serene and graceful as ever, sipped a sensible amount of water between her bites to compensate for the night before and Mr Fisher wolfed down his meaty pancake tower impressively fast.

Senzala, is the perfect spot for brunch for a picky bunch of friends. Sweet, savoury, simple, full to the brim, there’s a Senzela for all and all for under a tenner too.

Go for French crepes with a Brazilian flare, people watching and hangover cures

Don’t go if you’re not prepared to wait for a table as you’re legs are jelly from all the jagerbombs

Book a Table

020 7274 2211




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