#LondonAdventure – 100 Wardour Street – Soho

When Blasmin first got to London, about 75% of all her free time consisted of sipping cocktails and lunching in Soho. Sadly, the proportion of cocktail sipping and bar hopping is declining, so when she heard 100 Wardour Street was going to be opening not only a restaurant, but a bar, she saw this as a prime opportunity to catch up on all those cocktails she’d sorely neglected.

100 Wardour Street, the lounge, recaptures the glamour of a true cocktail bar. A stunning bar, atmospheric and flattering light, lavish and opulent with a dash of city swank – it was ticking all those boxes. Blasmin took the time to leisurely lunch on their bargainous lunch time menu opting for the crispy squid and coal cooked chicken. The squid was delicious and the chicken, succulent, if a little over-salted. The bill, was much more cheap and cheerful though than Blasmin had anticipated, which, of course, would make it totally ok to order another cocktail or three….

Go if you want to wear a backless dress and sip a martini OR for a lunch with your skint friend and feel more opulent

Two courses from their lunch menu – 10.95 (IKR)

They also have a great list of events, music and more on, so check out what’s going on before you head down.

Book a table here

100 Wardour Street, Soho

020 7314 4000


Here are some shitstagrams i took on my Samsung S3



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