#LondonAdventure – Padella – Borough


As a prelude to the chocolate Blasmin knew she’d be consuming all weekend, she threw caution to the wind, embraced gluten, butter and carbs and la dolce vita to go to the soft launch of pasta palace, Padella, just opened in the foodie heaven of Borough Market.

With a bigger branch in Islington, Blasmin had heard tagliatelle tales and linguine legends about their pasta – but with them now on her doorstep of her day job, she simply had to abandon her homemade salad – a veritable feast of various leaves – not the most desired on a rainy afternoon – to go and sink her teeth into something with a little more al dente bite.

The brand new pasta bar, was a touch of modern Italy in the middle of the hustle and bustle and melange of food cultures at Borough Market. Smart tiling and wood and brass finishings made for cosy surroundings whilst the rain drizzled outside as Blasmin and friends waited for their pasta.

The sausage ragu pasta was deep and with just the right amount of sauce to pasta, the tomato pasta and thin spaghetti was bright and fresh and full of punches of fresh herbs, the seafood pasta was lemony with chilli running through and omgee the rabbit ravioli smothered in sage butter was parcels of deliciousness that you really didn’t want to run out.

Go if another Pret fills you with dread for lunch today

Don’t go if you’re trying to cut carbs – it’s all carbs and man is it good.

Average pasta dish price £9 for a hearty plate.

Blasmin paid half price cos soft launch y’all. Keep updated with the latest soft launches here.




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