#LondonAdventure – Holland Park

Spring time is in the air and with Spring, us city birds start to emerge from our drinking cubbyholes and mac and cheese carb coma inducing restaurants to seek fresh air and parks and which ones will let us bring our own Tesco 3 for 2 pre-mixed cans in so we can sip our g&ts and pretend we’re not chilly and get excited for summer time.

Blasmin had one of those weekends of late. The rain was holding off, the sky was a promising shade of blue and she braved London without a coat or an umbrella and thankfully, very flat shoes.

Wandering through west London, down the avenues flanked by chocolate box houses around Kensington, bourgeois drinking chocolate shops and bouffant blow drys walking their similarly styled dogs, Blasmin and Mattias stumbled upon Holland Park, a veritable secret garden in the heart of West London.

With the honks of red buses and hailed black cabs left behind the park gates, Blasmin and Matthias wandered through the Japanese inspired Kyoto garden, chased peacocks and videoed tame squirrels eating out of the hands of the visitors. Giant carps gawped back at our reflections, old ladies walked hand in hand with the long time beaus and young couples falling in love for the first time clutched coffees and smiled. Exhausted themselves after shunning all forms of public transport, B&M watched Londoners keen to start work on their summer bodies jog around and compared dogs to their owners. They got lost in the greenery of a maze, ambled through the orangery and perched on benches dedicated to souls who were a credit to fields of science, philanthropy and their families.

Spring time was in the air, and for a first Spring adventure, an old fashioned park was exactly what Blasmin and Segrena needed to give them a new lease of life and a spring in their step. FYI their step count clocked in at over 10 miles that day.

Go if the urbane jungle of the city makes you yearn for the open spaces of up north but the train ticket is just too much right now

£££ – absolutely free

Holland Park, West London, w8

Here are some shitstagrams taken on Blasmin’s S3



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