#LondonAdventure – 45 Jermyn Street

Every once in a while, It was nice for an adventure that lets you immerse yourself in the luxury of an experience, relax into that real Italian leather, lather your hands with the ludicrously priced cosmetics in the toilet and just take it all in.

45 Jermyn Street is exactly the place to do that. With Fortnum & Mason’s green interiors tinging the art deco inspired restaurant, glass trinkets and touches of gold, 45 Jermyn Street is an eatery where you are waited on, where the old fashioned sense of restaurant hospitality is upheld at all times but there are pops of modern influence in their dishes that keep the whole place fresh.

A menu is always a challenging experience for Blasmin. She invariably wants to eat more than one thing. This time it was harder, she wanted to eat everything! In the end, she started with an Asian inspired spicy jack fruit salad. A feast for the eyes with punchy and fresh flavour lots of textures and followed with a delectable steak tartare with the right balance of cornichons, rich golden yolk and quality steak. It also came with the cutest slices of toast in the world, and nobody feels as bad about carbs when they’re cute.

Blasmin, was regrettably too full for dessert – but will have to return.

Go for the shopping experience of Fortnum and Masons, on a dish

Don’t go if like Blasmin, you remember you’re wearing your five pound sneakers purchased from Primark.

Here are heavily punned instagrams of Blasmin’s dinner.

Capture 2Capture

Make a booking at 45 Jermyn Street here

45 Jermyn Street
Corner of Jermyn Street and Duke Street
London, SW1 6DN

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