#LondonAdventure – Austentatious – Leicester Square Theatre


There was a spell in Blasmin’s life recently, after admittedly watching (read binge) on Downtown Abbey, where she spoke in old fashioned English, took on traditional female stereotypes and fainted at the sight of men in uniform.  Luckily for her, shiny NEXT suits, pretending to be Saville Row tailored suits from the pie-eyed young ‘bankers’ in the City didn’t count as a uniform exactly, so fainting bouts were not as profuse as they might have been.

Blasmin’s love for all things olde worlde, a nostalgia for a time she never experienced, where people fell in love at balls, wore gloves even though they weren’t cold and when they could wear the same gown to every Soiree cos no instagram, all stemmed from being bored, 11, and picking up her very first Austen.

Fast forward a while, and Blasmin still returns to Austen’s comforting pages of men in dashing uniforms, ladies in layers of lace and strict social hierarchy, to this very day.

Her only wish would be that Austen had written more! If like Blasmin you long for another novel where the heroine, *spoiler alert* gets married, you’re in luck.

Austentatious, an Austen themed improv group, are the answer to your Darcy prayers. Absolutely hilarious, these dear ladies and gents, perform an Austen inspired novel of the audiences’ choosing off the cuff.

Segrena, aware of Blasmin’s silly infatuation for a time where women pretty much had to marry to do anything, indulged her for her birthday this year and took her along to see them.

The edition B&S enjoyed, explored what Donald Trump would mean in the world of Austen. We concluded he’d be about as useless as he is today – but only deducing this through a lot of wrist action, flashbacking and Chelsea Clinton on a horse. Other possibilities of the night included Hangover Abbey – which also would have been amazing and I’m sure, highly relatable for many.

Blasmin thought it jolly good fun and spent the rest of the evening contemplating her first love, Henry Tilney. Sighhhhh – Darcy had noting on Tilney.

To see your own version of Austentatious, check out their tour dates here 

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