#LondonAdventure – Nanban -Brixton

After a very  English jaunt in Oxford visiting her most recent and favourite pal, Sri Lanka, where she got low, low, low at Thirst and trundled around the olde worlde colleges, Blasmin arrived back to the cornucopia of countries that accumulated under the cloud of Brixton with a hankering for some comfort food.

Joined by a very grumpy Matthias, they traipsed through the rain in search of steaming salvation in a bowl. wandering through the maze streets of Brixton Village, letting all the sights and sounds mingle and the scents waft around, tempting them one way, then another, Blasmin and Matthias felt their moods lifting and their bellies rumbling further watching everyone else having a good time.

They wound up at Nanban, (for those who were fans of Masterchef, this is Tim Anderson’s long awaited first restaurant) and the steamed up windows, slow cooked meats and slurps of noodles tempted them in. Sat along the low slung bar opposite the kitchen, the old pie and eel shop converted into a ramen bar modeled on those in Japan, was filled with the smell of garlic, hot chilies and the magic ingredient; comfort.

Matthias recommended they drank a pint of Kirin. Cool, refreshing and light, the premium beer slipped down a treat and the rain smattering the windows and their morose moods evaporated as they waited for their Korean chicken thighs to arrive. When they did, they only regretted sharing a portion. So crispy it was impossible not to crunch and just the right amount of spice to make you keep reaching for another – they were moreish in every sense of the word.

They both opted for a traditional ramen, though Matthias couldn’t resist adding more pork to his. pungent with garlic and umami, it was just the thing they both needed to prepare them to face Monday, which, they knew, would only come around too soon.

The last noodle slurped, Matthias and Blasmin, drudged back to The Ritzton and went to bed completely happy, even if they did have to be in work the next morning. That is what true comfort food does for you.

Go if you’ve spent the day wandering the streets without an umbrella and need a hug in a bowl 

Don’t go if your go to comfort food is McCain smiley faces, cos guys, you wouldn’t be able to handle

Blasmin stole this from Nanban Instagram cos she was in a bad mood and didnt take any pictures. Blasmin isn’t herself when she’s hungry

Meal for 2, £40 including drinks and starters

Nanban, 426 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, London SW9 8LF
Tel: 020 7346 0098

Book- a -noodle 


Tweet-a- oodle 

Instant noodle alternative? Always Koka noodle – this practically unheard of brand makes you never want to eat a packet of Supernoodles again. Notable favourite: Chicken  (duh!)


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