#LondonAdventure – Don0stia Social Club – Brixton

Not so long ago, Blasmin lead a double life. By day, she wore her glasses, typed at a desk, rushed to meetings and said words like ‘agenda’. By night she rushed to Brixton, took off her glasses, turned up the charm and waited tables and one of her favorite restaurants in the entirety of London.

Housed in the shipping containers at Pop Brixton, it was a pleasure to make guests over order than watch them discover they ate it all because the food was so delicious. The magician chef, Blye, would send out beautiful scallops with golden flaked almonds sprinkled on top, Head chef and proprietor, Paul would whip up succulent pork cheeks and butter bean mash whilst simultaneously entertaining his guests and the croquettas operation where we would make a kazillion of them in the world’s smallest kitchen was worth it cos they were  melt-in-the-mouth delicious. Of course, it helped the Blasmin could quality control everything…

This time though,  Blasmin was the one being waited on. Spanish red wine accompanied the exceptional food in cosy surroundings and it made the perfect setting for Matthias and Blasmin to have a joint birthday bash. Truffled mushrooms, piquillo peppers, catalan fuet, just pink lamb, quince jelly, cod … the list was long, and Spanish, but absolutely incredible.

Safe to say, everyone had a mucho beuno noche and they were all muy, muy drunkio too.

Go if you like actual tapas and don’t measure that by ordering bravas at La Tasca…

Don’t go if you if you can’t share. Tapas is for sharing but you’re gonna have to really keep telling yourself that because you won’t want to.

12 people ate all this for £20 each

Menu included

Meat and cheese board

Padron Peppers

Pumpkin Croquettas


Truffled mushrooms

Piquillo peppers

Patatas bravas

Pork cheek and butter bean mash




Their website isn’t great, but that’s cos their busy being Brixton’s best restaurant of 2015


338 Grand Dr, London SW20 9NQ


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