#LondonAdventure – Duck and Waffle – The City


When  it’s your birthday, you’re allowed to be as a much of a princess as you like, even if your bank account screams pauper. This birthday, Blasmin was a true and utter princess and dined at one of London’s Palaces when it comes to insta worthy dining options and boy, did she have a ball.


Blasmin celebrated in true Cinderella style, threw on a mid range priced dress (black, obviously), some heels from F&F (that’s Tesco FYI) and ascended the dizzying heights up Heron Tower via three modes of transport (bus, tube, black cab).

Jazzica striking a pose

only 50 minutes late, Blasmin and her dearest friends who had traversed the country to meet her, sat down in the Duck and Waffle and gazed in awe at London sparkling below them. M.Meyzin, Charley XYZ, Wan Dalker, Jazzica,Mr Fisher, Sri Lanka and Blasmin’s partner in crime, Segrena, unceremoniously, ungraciously and without an ounce of shame, devoured the signature Duck and Waffle dish, demanded lychee martinis, laughed at the mishaps of the past year, talked of their hopes for the year ahead and suspended in the air over London, Blasmin felt she couldn’t think of any other place with any other people, she’d rather be.

Go to Duck and Waffle to lord it over the peasants, feel your stomach wobble in the lift and practice your best smug expression 

Don’t go to Duck and Waffle in your trainers cos you’ll have to get a bus all the way back to Crystal Palace like Mr Fisher did and miss out on pre-waffle champagne and speeches, isn’t that right Mr Fisher?

Signature Duck and Waffle £17

The view- priceless

The lychee martinis – a bit more expensive: £14

Here are some shitstagrams I took. God, they’re so shit but hey, it was my birthday! I was taking mind instagrams.

Follow more of my adventures at @yj53


Get ducked on some Lychee Martinis yourself. Book here

FYI i booked two months in advance for a Friday night and only managed to get a 10.30 PM reservation, which we were an hour late to…

110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY
+44 203 640 7310





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