#LondonAdventure Perilla – Dulwich

You know what people don’t do enough? Fine dine on a Wednesday. Wednesday’s are worth celebrating, worth having a huzzah that Tuesday is over and we’re one step closer to blessed Friday. Wednesdays are for fine dining, fun, friends, and a cheeky glass of wine cos the worst of the week is over. Wednesdays also have to be affordable.*

Blasmin and Segrena do fine and affordable just fine most of the time. Lucky for them, they found two hot young chefs on a mission to save everyone from a pitiable Wednesday and make them feel just fine too.

Perilla, a pop up currently at Platform 1 in Dulwich Village, serve inspirational food such as grilled lettuce salad, kale like you’ve never eaten, crispy chicken wings with insane skin and a custard pudding that is DAMN fine. And then that lamb… Act like sheep, follow Blasmin and Segrena to Wednesday fine dining immediately.

The finest thing about Perilla is their tasting menu is £35 for a touch of luxury in the midst of mid-week bore.

Ben, the elusive and passionate chef behind the food at Perilla, (Noma, Claridges food heaven basically) and Matt, the charming front of house who’s cheek and wit goes down just as smoothly as his wine recommendations, have a concept that work for everyone. Quality food, quality cooking, quality time together and quality in terms of pricing too.

This unstuffy approach towards their stuffed chicken wings and mussels that pack a flavourful punch mean this is one London Adventure Blasmin and Segrena are just fine with indulging in every now and then.

Go if you’ve had a bad day at the office

Don’t go if you want to impress your date. Grilled lettuce is hard to eat gracefully.

*Available on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday too.

Here’s some shitstagrams of Perilla

Current residency:

Platform 1
71 Lordship Lane, London, SE22 8EP

email: perilladining@gmail.com
contact: 07713155627
bookings: 020 3609 2050



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