#LondonAdventure – St Paul’s Cathedral – St Paul’s

After a full month of indulgence, it looked like Blasmin had a lot of repenting to do.  What better place than to absolve her sins than at a church? As she’s in London, naturally there can only be on choice – St Paul’s of course.

Having only visited when her memory alludes her, Blasmin and Mattias decided to make the London pilgrimage to one of London’s most famous landmarks.

They marveled at the mosaics, read up on the paintings, brushed up the architecture and ascended the million stairs to the famous Whispering Gallery – perhaps Sir Christopher Wren’s greatest masterpiece, and then even more stairs until they reached the outer dome.

Blasmin had whooshed up the lift in Heron Tower, marveled at the gloomy skies in the Gherkin, and had admired the view from Sky Garden, but with the wind and rain in her face and the ache of the stairs still in her knees, this was easily the best view of London she’d seen.

They both skipped down, considered checking out the crypt, but the call of a cocktail from Madison’s Bar beckoned harder.

Lucky for them, they could sin some more and return at a later date with their unlimited yearly pass for just £18.00. Worth it just for the unholy view and naughty whisperings you may or may not hear with your ears pressed up those walls in the whispering Gallery!

UK tax payers are entitled to a yearly pass at the price of admission for £18.00

Go if you like to look at churches and be in awe.

Don’t go if your worst nightmare is the StairMaster at the gym

St. Paul’s Churchyard, London EC4M 8AD. Send them a tweet: @StPaulsLondon

Check out this shitstagram I took on my Samsung S320160102_152640.jpg


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