#LondonAdventure – Brunch @ Mommi – Clapham

Ladies who lunch are a season old, and no one likes to be behind with the times. This year has been the year of the brunch and Blasmin has had her fair share of delicious brunches in 2015.  From egg-cellent mornings at Egg Break to gorgeous gluten free gorges in Wag Free, many avocados were gobbled in the lead up to this blog post.

You know brunch is good though, when you have a brunch de ja vu.  Blasmin popped to Mommi in Clapham for the Just Opened Brunch showcase to catch up with Frenchie after a long due catch up on men, money and more. They sipped delicious Nikkei Bellinis and munched on delectable morsels of confit duck, pimped pigs in blankets, plantain and sweet potato and cheesy arrancini balls. Is there much more needed than norty juice, norty cheese and norty bacon when the Saturday hangover is just beginning to creep in? The answer is no.  Thus, countless Bellinis were consumed and enough granola topped yoghurt put away to make it unhealthy again – Mommi were bossing brunch.

A week later, M. Meyzin paid Blasmin an ever colourful visit bearing good news accompanied by his unmissable charm.  M.Meyzin had an eye for style, a stomach for good grub and a heart of gold. Blasmin knew there was only one place to take him. Sat in the Australian inspired art hub dining one stop shop, mellow tunes accompanied creamy polenta, the freshest ceviche and potato pancakes, as Blasmin, M. Meyzin, Segrena and Wan Dalker bowed before the brunch gods.

With dishes cashing in all under a tenner, it was looking like Blasmin would be a lady who brunches for the foreseeable future.


Crockery porn R-rated


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