Dinner @ The Tate – Tate Britain

Blasmin and Segrena need any excuse to get dressed up to the nines, cos they don’t do it often.  Prior to Dinner at the Tate, which we will come on to in due time, they wallowed in Mcdonalds in less than desirable outfits, certainly not this season anything, and ate copious amounts of deep fried foods in the non-ironic- burger bar in Shoreditch or Streetfeast way whilst pondering if there would be any way they would be able to scrub up before their dinner plans…

Luckily, there’s not much a hot shower and Smashbox foundation can’t fix. Segrena dazzled in teal and leather under a cloud of auburn hair whilst Blasmin flashed some thigh in knee highs and mesh.

Looking like works of modern art themselves, Blasmin and Segrena were ushered through The Tate’s doors by a very suave Italian. At points, Blasmin couldn’t decide whether to take in Antonino, or listen to the symbolism behind Tracey Emin’s unmade bed

Following the private viewing at the Tate Late, the girls skipped through to the Rex Whilster restaurant to sample the Young British Foodies menu accompanied with matching wines and champagne. The McDonald’s a sheer memory, B&S snuffled the hot bread with real butter and revelled in the velvetiness of the bisque, the zesty Greek wines and the fig and almond dessert.

Later, B&S went on to a soiree prive in Notting Hill. There was no truffle oil or priceless pieces of art, but the company was pretty good with highlights including her & Lord Luke Von Floof de Floof trying to fake out posh each other and Shakira impressions

They say there’s an art to dining and an art to drinking. What a more perfect setting than to do it at the Tate?

Dine late at the Tate for £90 including wines . Book the next one here– a magestical trip through Colonial Indian art and the cuisine that came out of it.

Here’s some shitstagrams taken on a Samsung S3

Follow Blasmin’s Adventures and her shit photos here



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