#LondonAdventure – Ann Veronica Janssens: yellowbluepink – Euston

SO things looked to be Happning with Jon Cruise and the next mission they embarked on was a cultural trip to The Wellcome Collection just a hop away from Euston.

Having finished work on time for once, Blasmin approached Jon Cruise a little abashed. It seems a coyness had come over her- though not because she realised suddenly that Jon was the one, rather she was wearing a cardigan and her Chelsea boots had seen better days and she felt horribly underdressed. He wore a navy double breasted number. Blasmin did like a good coat.

For a digital spy of sorts, Cruise failed to notice, or perhaps he was a great actor – and on they made their way through the foggy, autumnal night to the gallery.

They queued patiently for the new installation by Ann Veronica Janssens which explores light and colour through the use of coloured mists. As they queued, conversations varied from ‘what animals they’d be if they were animals’- Blasmin thought Jon would make a good swan – and Hollow Hungover Syndrome – the disorder that affect most who have been drinking heavily and no amount of puff pastry, giant Diary Milk Buttons or Golden Menu Mcdonald meals will satisfy.

Eventually they made it into the exhibition. The colours were cool for approximately 3.5 minutes.  After that, it was kinda dry and made your face itch.  Blasmin stayed long enough for an Instagram and a discussion with Cruise about how she thought it would have been more disorientating to be honest.  She then failed to find the exit, walking in the completely wrong direction….

The Wellcome Collection called Janssens’s work ‘both disorienting and uplifting as the daily wonder of conscious experience is given renewed emphasis.’

Blasmin thought it instead was the perfect choice by Cruise for a date- in fact- it was kind of a metaphor for dating. Nothing black and white clear, bump into a few mingers along the way but if you get it right, the world can be pretty technicolour and you have someone to hold your hand to lead you to the right places. Or so we’ve been told.


Here’s Blasmin’s shitstagram taken on the Samsung Galaxy S3

Read more about the collection here

Go for the instagram

Don’t go if you hate queues. 

The Gallery runs until 3rd January and entry is free!

Wellcome Collection, 183 Euston Road, London, NW1 2BE, UK

ann-veronica-janssens mists exhibition reviewed on the London Adventurer

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