#LondonAdventure- House of Peroni- Brick Lane

In perhaps one of the most culturally diverse areas of London, nestles an Italian home between bustling curry houses and tantalizing Thais. This isn’t any Italian home though, this is The House of Peroni.

Exactly a years since Blasmin and Segrena’s Milanese adventure, they ventured to an Italy closer to home, or, one they could get to using their oyster card at least, and went to the launch party of House of Peroni’s now famous residencies.   This time, the theme was ‘Vita all interno’, or a life lived inside. Blasmin and Segrena, looking very English, entered an Alice in Wonderland style mirrored hallway to find themselves led to a large Italian Kitchen, greeted by a bella beauty called Theresa, who welcomed them to her home and told them to tuck in to the cheesy arancini (which they both did- a lot).

Leading from the ‘kitchen’ with pasta in jars and huge wooden tables to eat communally under a Tuscan forest of autumnal leaves, there was also a laundry room, strewn across with washing lines of Italian whites and a patio space. Though the weather was firmly English with not even an Mediterranean breeze, Blasmin and Segrena kept warm with the floral Peroni cocktails.

Dessert were Italian meringue kisses sandwiched together with hazelnut mousse.

The beer cocktails were delicious, comforting and with a touch of Italian glamour- like everything about the place.

Blasmin almost forgot were she was- luckily for her- her clumsiness reminded her as she walked into a mirrored surface. She thought she’d got away with it, but a tall dark and handsome stranger smiled at her mistake.

Will there be love in the Med?

Perhaps you should look for your own Italian Stallion at the House of Peroni…

Go if your bank account won’t stretch as far as Florence this November 

Don’t go if you’re gonna walk around shouting ‘mama mia!’

until the 29th November

Dining Experience available

The bar and immersive experience is open to the public for free until 11pm

152 Brick Lane, E1 6RU

Average cocktail: £8-12

Here are some Shitstagrams take on Galaxy Samsung s3



House of Peroni- reviewed on the London Adventurer

House of Peroni - reviewed on the London Adventurer


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