#LondonAdventure – Three Eight Four – Brixton

Dating was proving to be another adventure, and not one Blasmin was finding it easy to master. It got to a point where Blasmin thought it may never Happn for her, but she gave it another go- mostly because she had no plans one Saturday and no Wi-Fi meant she had to give in to using her data allowance to flick through Londoner’s dating profiles. She’d already watched Bake Off and flicked through Instagram endlessly.

She stumbled across Jon Cruise, luckily not a Scientologist or freakishly short, but who claimed to be ‘incredible in the kitchen’.  Once Blasmin had clarified he meant he was incredible at cooking (in the kitchen), Cruise asked her to embark on a mission possible at a local cocktail bar in Brixton to which she had never ventured.

Three Eight Four on Coldharbour Lane is industrial, grimy and super cool in the new Brixton way that makes it oh-so trendy.  Decked with metal ceilings, mirrors, dim lighting and wood*, it combined into the perfect atmosphere for getting to know one another whilst necking the ridiculously delicious cocktails (*FYI Blasmin can’t accurately recall the actual décor due to afore mentioned cocktails. First impressions were good however.) The cocktails were quirky and combined unusual ingredients to make something special. FYI their nibble selection was pretty good too.

Jon Cruise wasn’t horrendously boring, seemed sane and worked in a job she thought sounded cool but actually had little clue as to what it entailed. He was a complete gent, taking the blame for Blasmin’s horrific clumsiness and thoughtfully wearing his Happn outfit to make it super simple for her to spot him whilst adding to a sense of familiarity to help take away from the fact that this guy was from the internet.

Perhaps a sequel for Blasmin for adventures with Jon Cruise would be in the pipeline, I hear Mission Impossible two is shit though, so who knows?

Blasmin neglected to shitstagram as she didn’t want to look rude in front of Cruise.

Go for a touch of hipster sophistication and a killer cocktail with someone who will always have ‘one more’

Don’t go if unisex toilets freak you out

Average cocktail £8

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Three Eight Four 


0203 4177 309

384 food
How pretty is this flat lay stolen from 384? The arancini was delish. I ordered the olives too and ate most of them cos John Cruise hates olives. Weird.  He also didn’t reveal this until much later.

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