#LondonAdventure – Courvoisier @ London Cocktail Week – The Looking Glass

Blasmin’s life is becoming a balanced act of work and fun at the moment- who’d of thought it possible? Certainly not Blasmin 6 months ago, that’s for sure.

This work/play adventure comes in Courvoisier’s event for London Cocktail Week last week where cocktail lovers, bars and brands collaborated to showcase the best of the cocktail world, where mixologists were true celebrities and of course, people got drunk, but  in a classier way, cos cocktails.

Blasmin headed down to help host Courvoisier at Cocktail Week at quirky bar, The Looking Glass near Old street.

A plain exterior hid a world of luxury from those not in the know. A huge white framed mirror filled a back wall only to hide a secret cavern of mismatch chaise longues, worn in chesterfields and gilt framed arm chairs covered in brocade.  The room, a mix of brick wall, gilt and wood paneling, reflected the new livery of Courvoisier’s purple hues, and the bar, filled with decadent bottles of the world’s most famous cognac, glinted and winked at eager cocktail tasters.

Parisian tunes romanced the floor as guests mingled, watched transfixed as Italian mixologist, Michele Reina, charmed simple ingredients, like lemon curd and cinnamon, into spell bounding concoctions with a touch of Courvoisier magic and bubbles from golden champagne.

The Looking Glass - Courvoisier at Cocktail Week

The night descended into debauchery unseen since the days of the Paris Golden Age and by the end of night, champagne and cognac was being drunk out of wine glasses, for lack of coupettes, and the thought of a very luxurious hangover were beginning to settle on the guests.

But all work and no play makes Blasmin very dull, so she fully immersed herself in all the work and allll of the play too… it’s a hard job, but someone has to do it.

Tickets were a bargain £10 including 2 cocktails

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0207 613 3936 OR FOR LATE BOOKINGS CALL 07896 718 880

The Looking Glass - Courvoisier at Cocktail Week

The Looking Glass - Courvoisier at Cocktail Week


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