#LondonAdventure Traid Charity Shops – Brixton/Various London

Blasmin has a shopping problem; not the greatest problems to have when she constantly has no money, but you can’t choose your problem they choose you.  For one, Blasmin was grateful her problem wasn’t drugs or gambling.  A shopping problem wasn’t frowned upon in modern society as of yet.

To make her feel a little better about her shopping problem, Blasmin would shop at charity shops, obviously because she wanted to help various causes, but she won’t lie, the things you can find in some of them are truly priceless – and If her problem meant helping children in Africa or the blind or cute lil pups, then she was just fine with that, and society should be too.

One great find of a charity shop is Traid in Brixton.  With quirky window displays, chirpy staff and a treasure trove waiting to be discovered,  Blasmin ignored the angel figure on her shoulder who seemed to dislike shopping and indulged her left shoulder pal.  She came out with a structured jumpsuit in black (obviously) by Warehouse. RRP £46.99, Blasmin paid a mere £6.

The real problem here is Blasmin felt she was cheating African children and disabled cats out of more money! Her problem clearly wasn’t shopping at all.

Find your own bargains whilst helping charitable causes here at traid.co.uk

Go if you want to feel less bad about your problem

2 Acre Ln, London SW2 5SG


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