#LondonAdventure Momo Restaurant – London

If you’ve been keeping up with Blasmin’s love (less) life then you might have been waiting to find out if she met up with Mr Wickham following the shocking news revealed to her on the last occasion at Sky Garden.

Well, she did, and if before she was in cloud 9 in Sky Garden, this time she escaped to an eastern paradise that felt like walking into Morocco at Momo on Heddon Street.

The smells of cooking meats, garlic and heady incense greeted them as they were seated in the lowly lit mosaicked and lantern strewn cavern. The intimate tables were the perfect theatrical setting for three old middle eastern women to watch rapt as the most succulent leg of lamb was set down between a steaming chicken tagine and flat breads and freshly made humus between Blasmin and Mr W discussing the situation.

Whilst only a few sample morsels were eaten, (which were melt in the mouth delicious- one of Blasmin’s greatest regrets is to not to have asked for THAT lamb to be doggybagged for when she had more of an appetite), Blasmin had plenty of food for thought.

Sweet flavoured smoke from sheeshas plumed out of well-heeled raven haired beauties and sharp suits plaid them with more drinks from the excellent wine list.

For the thrifty market barterers, take advantage of the set menu at a reasonable £53 for three courses.

Apologies for Blasmin’s lack of shistagrams.

Go – for a slice of middle east in the middle of London

don’t go if you have a tendency to get hummus in your beard

25, Heddon street

London W1B 4BH

+ 44 207 434 4040


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