#LondonAdventure Empire Cinema – Leicester Square

You wouldn’t think it today, but this time last week, Blasmin wanted nothing more than to be tucked under a duvet, watching films, eating an obscene amount of Dairy Milk and more than anything, just be warm.

Unfortunately, she lived in a flat sans internet and TV. Positively medieval – and tonight a book would just not cut it to warm her cockles.  Instead, Blasmin headed to the Empire Cinema in the hubbub of a rainy Leicester Square with the primary colours of M&M World reflecting from the puddles.

The cinema can be quite costly, especially after the much mourned demise of Orange Wednesdays, but surprised, Blasmin purchased her tickets to Paper Towns, ignored the fact that Cara Delavigne ruined what would have been a good film and tucked into giant Dairy Milk buttons she’d smuggled in from a nearby Tesco.  Tickets were £10 and the cinema was an intimate juxtaposition to the muddle of Leicester Square in the rain. With 50 seats, red velvet and clutching a pretty bad muffit of tea, because tea doesn’t taste right from a paper cup, Blasmin, quite contented, and a million times warmer than she had been the rest of the day, enjoyed the luxury of a gigantic screen and surround sound.

Tickets: £10

5-6 Leicester Square, London WC2H 7NA

Website here

 The Empire Cinema from Goofgle images as reviewed on The London Adventurer

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