#LondonAdventure Egg Break – Notting Hill

Sunday is the day of rest- something Blasmin doesn’t get to do as often as she would like or should.

There are a lot of things which are good about Sundays, even if it’s raining and cold.  Just the fact it’s Sunday makes Sunday good. Sundays are for things like reading the paper or that book you keep meaning to get around to, calling friends you haven’t spoken to in a while, lie in surrounded by delicious layers of duvet and you know what Sundays are really perfect for? Sundays are perfect for brunch.

No brunch is complete without an Instagram worthy egg.  Be it hard-boiled and perched in a cute little egg cup, scrambled and sprinkled with chives on top of buttery toast, or a setting sun of yolk spilling orange on the rest of your Sunday breakfast, Blasmin knows it isn’t a Sunday brunch without an egg.

Egg Break, a new eatery in Notting Hill, had egg-actly the same sentiments luckily and provide an egg-cellent eggy menu perfect for Sundays. The cosy café with quirky décor touches and a sign that had me cracking up was the perfect brunch-time spot for one of the last sunny days in the city. Blasmin, Segrena and CharlyXYZ sipped on fresh mint tea and lattes and sat down to talk boys, shopping and why is it nearly Monday already! as the waiters whisked away menus and brought us sustenance.

IMG_20150920_152914Eggbreak London

Having scanned various instagrams, Blasmin had high egg-spectations of the food, and they weren’t disappointed. Golden yolks, buttery polenta, crisp hash browns and green avocado sprinkled in salt.  So Instagram, so Sunday!

Since it was Sunday, the girls went all out and ordered dessert. Cue a to die for chocolate tart covered in gooey smores and a cup of indulgence- salted caramel cream topped with crème fraiche and a hob nob.

Look at these not so shit pics I took on my Samsung Galaxy s3 then instagrammed the shit out of.Eggcellent Suday Bruch at Egg Break London - Reviewed on the London Adventurer - Yasmin Jaunbocus



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