#LondonAdventure Bermondsey Street Antiques Market – Bermondsey

Sometimes, Blasmin really can’t help herself. It’s a real problem.  She’ll sigh and try and distract herself but somehow she’ll convince herself there’s a good enough reason to go shopping, even though she really, really, shouldn’t.

Friday lunchtime was no different as she remembered the sign for the Antiques Market in Bermondsey Square she walked past that very morning. I mean she’s just moved to Brixton, perhaps she could bag herself a priceless heirloom that would make her little house a home, right?

She wandered on what felt like the last sunny day of the summer and picked up beautiful trinkets, flicked through browning pages of ancient novels, watched a man pay £100 pounds in cold, hard cash for a beautiful sapphire ring from the 1940’s from a Russian women.

And then it happened, something caught Blasmin’s eye. A stunning 1940’s fur coat, lined with indigo silk and in a swing cut.

An absolute bargain at £40 too.

Find your very own bargain at this treasure trove tucked away in the shadow of the shard.

On every Friday early till 2.

bermondsey-antiques-market-5-740x4501-740x450 (1) bermondsey-antiques-market-2-740x4501-740x450



Blasmin will debut said jacket at the Kettner, Soho relaunch next week.

Follow me in insta to see how much money i spend even though i have none. Like magic! @Yj53

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